Calleri missed a penalty, São Paulo played poorly and gave Avaí a draw

Avaí and São Paulo drew 1-1 tonight (4), in Ressacada, in a duel valid for the ninth round of the Brazilian Championship. The goals of the match were scored by Reinaldo, for Tricolor, and Muriqui, for the hosts. Calleri still missed a penalty.

The results of both teams were not good. São Paulo missed the opportunity to stay close to the leaders and could end the round even outside the G-6. Avaí has ​​already reached the fourth game without a win in Brasileirão.

In the next round, Avaí visits Atlético-GO in Goiânia on Wednesday (8), at 20:30 (Brazilian time). On Thursday (9), at 8 pm (Brazilian time), São Paulo will play away from home again and face Coritiba, in Couto Pereira.

Live from Sao Paulo

VAR protagonist in the hangover

VAR helped referee Anderson Daronco score two penalties not given to the ball rolling in São Paulo. Both were made by defender Arthur Chaves, one for putting his arm on the ball and the other for knocking down Luciano. Reinaldo converted the first, and Calleri missed the second.

Who is good: Rodrigo Nestor

Despite São Paulo’s low offensive production, the midfielder was able to find passes between Avaí’s lines and put his teammates in good condition to finish.

Who is evil: Arthur Chaves and Calleri

The Avaí defender made two penalties and had a performance to forget. The São Paulo striker, despite his credit to the crowd, is also bad. Very few appeared in the attack, other than a header out at the time of the injury, and even missed a penalty.

chronology of the game

The first half of the game had little emotions and a lot of passing errors on both teams. São Paulo were scared twice with Luciano in the beginning, but slowed down very much and were only able to open the scoring in the 48th minute, when Reinaldo converted a penalty that scored after checking the VAR.

The final period started with another penalty for São Paulo, also scored with the help of VAR, this one wasted by Calleri. Avaí reached the tie in the 20th minute, when Muriqui took advantage of Jandrei’s rebound after Eduardo’s submission and left Ressacada all equal.

Game in Sao Paulo

Even without Arboleda, Ceni chose to continue the formation with three defenders. Despite the encouraging start to the chances Luciano had, Tricolor’s performance was below expectations. The team from São Paulo barely brought any danger to Avaí and accumulated passing errors. In the end, the team ended up being penalized for his low-average performance, suffering a draw in the final period and almost never saw Avaí come back.

the game of avaí

The hosts started out poorly and gave São Paulo space, but soon balanced the game. Like Tricolor, Avaí did not succeed in building games in the first period. In the second half, after drawing with Muriqui, he grew into the game and had a chance to come back.

Reinaldo took a penalty from an angle and opened the scoring

The left back continued his good use of penalty kicks and reached his fifth goal for São Paulo of the season. Everything is made from the lime brand. In all passes through Tricolor, there were 20 penalties converted to 21 charged.

Calleri missed a kick and missed a clear goal in the end

In the second penalty for São Paulo of the game, it wasn’t Reinaldo who took it. Calleri was responsible for the strike, but was isolated and missed the opportunity to expand Tricolor. At 48, he received a cross in the area and left. This is Tricolor’s best chance to get back in front of the scoreboard.

Jandrei clapped weakly, and Muriqui did not forgive

The São Paulo goalkeeper hit the shot ahead of Eduardo, and Muriqui, who was free in the area, tied the game for Avaí.

Copete joins ‘Unbelievable FC’

The Colombian had a chance to turn the game around in the 40th minute of the second half when he received a free-kick in the small half. He had time to adjust, but he was sent, face to face with Jandrei. Good luck in Sao Paulo.

Avaí fans sang homophobic cries

In the latter part of the match, Avaí fans who were in Ressacada used a homophobic chant against referee Anderson Daronco, who paralyzed the match to have to record what happened in the summary. “Gaucho deer”, the shouts of some of the attendees.

Daronco and Bruno Silva saw each other strangely

A remarkable move caught attention in the first half. Bruno Silva fouled Alisson and was warned by referee Anderson Daronco, who stepped at the foot of Avaí’s steering wheel. The player didn’t like it and pushed the referee with his arm.

100 times Luciano

The striker reached 100 games in the São Paulo shirt in Ressacada. Before the match, he was presented with a shirt with the number 100.

Miranda made her debut in Brasileirão

In the absence of Arboleda, who was with the Ecuadorian team, Rogério Ceni’s main change in the lineup was Miranda’s entry into the team. The 37-year-old defender did not play for Brasileirão until the ninth round. It is used primarily in Sudamericana, a competition that Tricolor preserves the holders.



Competition: Brazilian Championship, 9th round
stadium: Hangover, in Florianópolis (SC)
date and time: June 4, 2022, at 19:00 (Brazilian time)
referee: Anderson Daronco (RS)
Assistants: Rafael da Silva Alves (RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
Yellow cards: Arthur Chaves and Cortez (AVA); Leo and Alisson (SPFC)

goals: Reinaldo (SPFC), at 48 ‘/1st T (1-0), and Muriqui (AVA), at 20’/2nd (1-1)

HAWAII: Vladimir; Kevin, Rodrigo Freitas (Jean Pyerre), Arthur Chaves and Cortez; Raniele, Eduardo (Jean Cléber) and Bruno Silva; Morato (William Pottker), Muriqui and Bissoli (Copete). Technician: Eduardo Baroca

SAO PAULO: Jandrei; Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius (Rigoni), Gabriel (Pablo Maia), Rodrigo Nestor, Alisson and Reinaldo (Welington); Luciano (Eder) and Calleri. Technician: Rogerio Ceni

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