Call of Duty Modern Warfare II promises to elevate everything the franchise has already done

Year after year and franchise Call of Duty comes with a new version. One way or another, series games always bring innovations. It was special for the two thousand and nineteen series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it was the best-selling game of the year, and it could really win the crowd, even though I was a little discredited with first-person shooters when I spent hundreds of hours in CoD 2019 PvP.

Now it promises to deliver it to Activision Call of Duty the most innovative and ambitious in its history. Modern Warfare 2 will arrive on October 28, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC via and Steam, and VOXEL has been invited to a digital event to take a look around.

Unlike his biggest rivals, “Codzinho”, as he is affectionately called, does the right thing and invests in a campaign that seems very strong and has an interesting story. Players will control Task Force 141 to neutralize a terrorist plan in attacks in the United States and elsewhere around the world (it may seem topical, but there’s nothing big to get out of it, right?). who played Call of Duty You will find famous characters like Captain Price, Ghost, Soap, Gaz and Laswell. But of course, new soldiers will enter the game, such as Colonel Alejandro Vargas, of the Mexican Special Forces.

Watch the localized presentation trailer for Brazilian Portuguese already:

According to Game Director Jack O’Hara, the game features a physics-based materials system that allows for cutting-edge photogrammetry, a new transmission system based on a hybrid mosaic, a new PBR water and underwater decal rendering system, a volumetric system. ambient light, 4K HDR and more, and new GPU geometry piping. In other words, this could be a series game that will raise the level of graphics.

The director talked a lot about water that will be of paramount importance when it comes to gameplay, he wanted to incorporate the physics of water fighting into the game’s shootings and for that the designers worked to make it “the best water the franchise has ever had”. And that will not only be in the campaign, but also in PvP games.

According to Stephanie Snowden, Communications Director at Infinity Ward, the studio is focusing on the next generation using a unified graphics engine across the franchise, starting with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. This new engine is based on the same one used in the first Modern Warfare (2019), but with new technologies, including new tool chains, refined AI and locomotor models.


When we talked about what Activision is doing for the new CoD, let’s move on to a more feedback section so you know what I thought of what I saw in the presentation.

Yes I did. Unfortunately, we were unable to test the game, but we did see some campaign missions. I have to say that one of them particularly impressed me.

The mission is called “Nightwar” and, as the name suggests, takes place at night in the invasion of an enemy camp. Everything is very cinematic and, although it doesn’t start with a lot of action, the visuals of it all are truly spectacular. During the raid, a helicopter is shot down and the visuals of the fire and explosions are beautiful. All action is well coordinated by Task Force 141, and is constantly communicating with instructions to the player.

The “Nightwar” mission was one of my favorites at the presentation

The invasion is gradual, unlike FPS games, where a bunch of enemy hordes are firing everywhere. The action is content but accurate, and things happen in perfect cadence. The player must know when to open fire and when to use the right tools to move forward.

In another mission called “Wet Work,” we were able to better understand what the director meant by floating action. The behavior of the water in the environment seems very natural, all the movements are light and without being artificial while the character is swimming. There are ways to neutralize enemies by immersing them and taking them by surprise, for those who enjoy a more hidden game.

water codeIt looks much better and more realistic to play in the water

As a kid, I was excited about an FPS campaign. Vanguard was interesting, but I was already disgusted with the World War II theme, and I can say that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 revived the difference in my FPS player: the story seems deep, the gameplay is very light, and it’s a show graphically. If it’s as natural as a PvP campaign, I’ve already seen that I’ll spend good hours trying to get back to playing well.

But it’s always good to remember that what we saw were gameplay videos, that we didn’t play the game, and that we didn’t have the experience to hold the controller (or mouse) to really get there and say that the game is right. track or not. However, what we saw was really exciting, hopefully not another example of gameplay videos that don’t show real gameplay.

Now the part that hurts: the prices. For PlayStation consoles: The Cross-Gen version has a suggested retail price of R $ 329.90; The Vault Edition is a suggested retail price of R $ 449.90.

For Xbox family consoles: the Cross-Gen version suggests a price of R $ 329.90; The Vault Edition is a suggested retail price of R $ 449.90.

For PC (prices are the same on and Steam): the standard version suggests a price of R $ 299.90; The Vault Edition, on the other hand, comes in at a suggested retail price of R $ 419.90.

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