‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ has been announced and will arrive on October 28th games

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” is a new first-person shooter game from Activision. will arrive on October 28 via PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC via Battle.net and Steam. This Wednesday (8) the official announcement shows that the 2019 game sequel (2007 title relaunch) is aimed at bringing online multiplayer missions and games based on the current conflict, unlike the last two games in the franchise.

Brazil, the game will only be sold in digital format. As in previous versions, Portuguese will be fully localized.

For PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the Cross-Gen version has a suggested retail price of $ 329.90; The Vault Edition is a suggested retail price of R $ 449.90. For PC (prices are the same on Battle.net and Steam), the Standard version suggests a price of R $ 299.90; The Vault Edition, meanwhile, comes in at a suggested retail price of R $ 419.90.

While the 2019 sequel to the game is straightforward, it’s not a remake of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” released in 2009; g1 he then valued the game.

“We want to make the best‘ Call of Duty ’ever released with the best graphics and innovative features,” Rodrigo Pérez, the franchise manager, told g1. “[Em relação ao game anterior]we have improved the Artificial Intelligence of the enemies, the visions are revolutionary and we have created a unified technology that will be expanded to the next games in the series as well. [battle royale] ‘Warzone’ “.

Ghost Returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – Photo: Handout / Activision

There’s also the promise of unprecedented content since its launch, such as new maps, modes, seasonal events, and community celebrations.

The G1 was accompanied by a presentation by members of the development studio of this new “Call of Duty”, Infinity Ward, a new title. In Game Campaign mode, players will join Task Force 141 in Campaign mode with missions around the world. The promise is that you can play alone or in a group. “Warzone” mode, along with “Fortnite” and “Free Fire” is one of the most popular battle royale of the moment.

In 2019, when the studio introduced the relaunch of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, the bet was to look for realism that was not possible due to the existing technology, when the first of the series arrived in 2007. They called them. veterans of the first game of Infinity Ward and the team traveled to places that would be used for photogrammetry of homes, vehicles, furniture, and anything else that could be used. This made the match “real” for the team. In fact, the development team says it was the first game that managed to simulate the use of night glasses. In previous games, the presentation of this item was just a green filter.

Three years later, for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II,” the team used the same resources, but at the time managed to improve technology using tricks that were less popular on consoles and computers. Ray Tracing, a function that simulates the way light rays illuminate the environment and reflect landscapes and objects in real time, is present on computers with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and current video. Combined with a very high definition texture (4K resolution), the game offers environments, characters, weapons, and a closer look at real situations.

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ uses modern technology to get the most out of realism on consoles and computers – Photo: Disclosure / Activision

The group also invested in water exploration. In games, the item is difficult to reproduce. It requires a lot of computing power and can be far from what the public results expect. For “CoD: Modern Warfare II,” the job was for players to use water to their advantage. “The water has an effect on the game and so does the weather,” Pérez says. Players will be able to dive in to identify enemies and also use the shield to get rid of them.

But not everything is an advantage. The effect of the water lens obstructs the player’s vision, as he will have to target his opponent even more accurately in both Campaign and Multiplayer modes. Also, shots fired from the water are simulated in a realistic way: the bullet loses its speed and, in order to kill a soldier, several shots are needed – if the weapon itself is taken out of the water, one shot is enough.

In addition to night-time fighting and water missions, vehicles became more important. You will be able to drive cars that take you to other points in the missions, for example.

Another point that many developers have worked on over the last three years has been Artificial Intelligence. In addition to reacting more convincingly to enemies’ attacks and strategies in the face of enemies, seeking protection, or pursuing reinforcements, the main character’s friends are now intelligent. In previous games, at the beginning of a mission, for example, you follow the soldiers to the battlefield. However, his movement was unlikely as he was not concerned with his surroundings, as a sole would normally be.

‘Call of Duty’ brings back a fictional war atmosphere to the present day – Photo: Disclosure / Activision

In “Modern Warfare II”, your friends will be worried about everything: every corner, window or corner where your opponent can hide. During the fight, they will be in the shelter, trying to find the best support for the attack. On display g1 seen, this question worked very well. It remains to be seen whether the latest version of the game will have these features.

One of the highlights of the first “Modern Warfare” is that the Gunsmith mode (“Gunsmith”) returns with even more features. It allows you to customize each weapon according to the wishes and needs of the player. In the new game, there are more details and features, such as optical sights, larger capacity cartridges, supports and anything else that can be added to the real-world weapon. However, it is worth noting that each prop brings an advantage and a disadvantage to the fight. Settings can be used in both campaign and online pairing.

Another point to note is that the game was presented in the highest quality version (PC, Xbox Series and PS5). PS4 and Xbox One versions are not shown. It remains to be seen whether the platforms of the past generation, which are weaker than the current ones, will be able to reproduce the same level of graphic realism and Artificial Intelligence.

Details of the characters in the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ scene – Photo: Disclosure / Activision

As the largest market in Latin America (Mexico is considered North America), Brazil is important for Activision and the launch of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” is one of the most important of the year.

“Community [de “Call of Duty”] it is very powerful in Brazil. We want to connect more players for this release. That’s why we bring the game to Portuguese with the same quality as the previous works in the series, ”explained Pérez.

The franchise manager explained that the technology developed for this title, which will be extended to “Warzone” and future games, is expected to further strengthen the identity and series identity.

Water and weather will affect player decisions and weapon effectiveness in ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ – Photo: Disclosure / Activision

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