But that? Atlético fans demanded the departure of three players; see names

Credit: Disclosure / Atletico

Atlético fans are completely dissatisfied after the loss suffered by Fluminense, this Wednesday, in Rio de Janeiro, in Brasileirão. With a stunning 5-3, Galo lost the chance to take the remote lead in the competition. In an anonymous performance, the Minas Gerais group negatively heated up social networks. Many have even demanded the departure of some players.

On Twitter, defender Nathan Silva, midfielder Jair and striker Ademir have received a lot of criticism.

See the effect

As a result, Atlético missed the chance to lead Serie A. Currently, it is in fourth place with 16 points. Leaving the field, Hulk did not hide his anger at
elasticity mark.

“A lot of things need to be fixed and adjusted. It’s not normal in a game this big to concede five goals. When I say this, I don’t blame our defense, but overall- the collective. It started with me in front. We can’t concede five goals. That’s unacceptable. But that’s football, we have to live to learn. And the wise are the ones who learn from theirs. mistake. We have to turn around so it doesn’t happen again. Getting five goals is unacceptable, “Hulk said.


As a result, Galo lost a chance to lead and lost position-it was already in fourth place, with 16 points. Fluminense, in turn, climbed to six positions, and is now seventh, with 14 points. It moved out of the relegation zone and approached the G-4.


Both teams will return to the field next Saturday at 7pm. Fluminense will face Atlético-GO in Maracanã. While Atlético-MG will host Santos, in Mineirão.

Strengthen the defense

With Godín’s imminent departure, to become a player at Vélez Sarsfield, Atlético are already exploring alternatives and setting a target. Free on the market, Jemerson has advanced conversations and will be an alvinegro player from July. According to ge.com, negotiations are ongoing.

Recently, Jemerson left Metz in France and has since had no club. Initially, the defender’s desire was to return to Brazilian football. Revealed on the athletic base, his name has great endorsement from fans on social networks.

In addition to Jemerson, but for attack, Pavón is yet another to wear the Atlético jersey in the middle of the year.

Do you know about it? Sampaoli asks Ibra no Galo

Sérgio Sette Câmara, former president of Atlético, spoke behind the scenes of Jorge Sampaoli’s passing to Galo. Famous for asking for multiple signatures at the club he has taken, the Argentine has made some requests ‘outside the curve’ for white-and-white direction.

In an interview with Web Rádio Galo, Sette Câmara revealed that Ibrahimović, a Swedish star and now in Milan, is on Sampaoli’s list of reinforcements.

“This Atlético team was assembled last year where I was, most of it, not all, it [Sampaoli] and Mattos arguing. He made the claims, Mattos watched, discussed with Renato [Salvador] and Rafael himself [Menin], except me, of course. We saw what was appropriate, as there were some unconditional requests. That Swedish ponytail player Ibrahimović. He even told Mattos about it. But here, I have something to tell you. Football should think big ”, said Sette Câmara.

“I can’t assemble a team for a while without 4 Rs because I don’t have money. what should i do ‘Oh, but you brought Maicon Bolt’. Okay, but then came Emerson, who we brought in for 4 million something and sold for 50-odd million in nine months, ”added the former president.

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