Bustos criticizes refereeing in Santos’ draw: “I don’t feel like talking about football” | saints

The Santos coach said he was reluctant to talk about football after a court led by Ramon Abatti Abel. The Argentine’s reprimand is mainly due to Eduardo Bauermann’s negative goal. He also recalled the controversial moves against Santos, which have taken place in other rounds.

– I don’t feel like talking about football. The team played a great game. We deserved more, we scored more goals. In Bauermann’s goal game, the assistant didn’t get up at any point. And it needs to be reviewed. I don’t know what’s going on. I have been asked several times. In every game there are clear mistakes against us and we have VAR. Braga’s goal, look how long the game stopped. Their goal, how long did you review? Not 30 seconds. And there’s a player who was in a possible offside, and they didn’t even review it. And they cancel out legitimate goals, as happened against Ceará.

Central whistle: Sálvio Spínola examines Santos’ negative goal

“I don’t know what’s going on.” It’s very difficult to talk about football when we have legitimate goals and they seem to be working hard. Every move is our review. Against Ceará, the two players held on to each other, the referee ordered the match to continue and then canceled. Today, the same. It is impossible. We played a great game against a great opponent and scored more goals than them. Braga’s goal was scored in the first minute, as if they were looking for something. Why didn’t you go see Bauermann’s goal? As they did against Baruerin Cear.

Bustos also denounced the expulsion of assistant Lucas Ochandorena, recalling that the fourth referee was the same as the classic against São Paulo, and that he interfered with the offer that resulted in a penalty in favor of Tricolo.

– The fourth referee was the same against São Paulo, in our favor, they charge and the penalty kick comes out. My assistant was fired because he told my players to talk to the referee. If insulted, fine. But they went to talk. There is nothing wrong with that.

Fabián Bustos Santos vs Inter – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

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– I think we deserved more against Palmeiras, but we lacked efficiency. Things have also happened, as they have today. In these five matches there is a match against Ceará, as the goal was legitimate. (Video referee) stops the play whenever he wants. The judge was near and ordered him to continue. We won this game. We need to score more goals and avoid conceding goals. I like to win more comfortably, but it’s not always possible. We deserved to win against Ceará and scored a legitimate goal. Today again. A lot of things have happened.

Marcos Leonardo and Angelo are missing

– They are the players who usually play. Angelo is in the medical department and has recovered well. We will be there at any time. Marcos is in the selection. You have to respect that. It will be important when you return. We didn’t use Julio because I was uncomfortable.

Ricardo Goulart, Lucas Braga and Angulo

– Braga scored. Tactically, we understood that the team was going to rise and we had to attack in that area and we did damage there. Ricardo works every day, I see it and I can get into it. He’s also playing the angle because I see his work on a daily basis and I choose the best.

Highlights: Santos 1 x 1 Internacional, Brasileirão for the 10th day of 2022

Highlights: Santos 1 x 1 Internacional, Brasileirão for the 10th day of 2022

Match against Atletico MG

– We will have a strong team in front of us, with a great squad, a great coach. One of the candidates like Palmeiras and Flamengo (for the title) for the structure and the lineup. Let’s try to play a good game. Today we scored more goals than our rivals. The score didn’t change, but we scored more goals. I hope to score more goals and change the scoreboard. We need to fix things. Defensively, their goal game was a mistake. We can’t let them win the bottom line so easily. A mistake we need to make. And to conclude. We could have scored the winning goal and we were wrong.

Julio plays against Atletico-MG

– He has a problem with the previous game, but he has done well with the doctors. I think it will be on Saturday.

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