Bullet camera: get to know the 6 models to control the environment Which one to buy?

Bullet cameras are models developed to record the outdoor environment of homes, sites, commercial establishments or buildings. It is important at the time of purchase to evaluate features such as resolution, amplitude, motion detection, and connectivity. The Intelbras VHD 1120 B G5, for example, only records in HD, but its image is wide and capable of capturing everything that happens in a large environment. The value of the Amazon model is approximately $ 155.

In addition to Intelbras, brands like Giga, HikVision and Citrox offer options with different prices and specifications. See list below TechTudo six bullet cameras with the option to buy and control your home.

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Bullet camera in bullet format and developed for outdoor imagery – Photo: Disclosure / Intelbras

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Citrox CX 2920 bullet camera records in HD and can reach 20 meters in shooting – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

The Citrox CX 2920 is the simplest bullet camera on the list, but with the promise of a good amount of money. The model records in HD in black and white with the ability to adjust the contrast. The 2.8mm lens promises an aperture rate of up to 20 meters, which can be interesting for patios, garages and other environments.

If the buyer wants to install it outdoors, the camera is waterproof and offers IP66 protection, as well as night vision. Connectivity is wired, not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You only have to pay R $ 106 to buy it. There aren’t many comments on Amazon’s device quality.

  • The good sides: cost-effective, night-time shooting and waterproof
  • Cons: HD resolution and wired connectivity

Intelbras VHD 1120 B G5 is a 97 degree angle camera for recording footage – Photo: Disclosure / Intelbras

The Intelbras VHD 1120 B G5 is another bullet camera option, this time with more user feedback. The model records in HD and has infrared recording at night. Its reach is also 20 meters, which promises to be interesting for anyone who wants to install it in large environments. With an angle of up to 97 degrees, the camera is capable of capturing different corners.

Using cable only is a negative point of the model. However, it is possible to use the ODS system during installation, which helps to improve the image to make the footage even better. In addition, the device also has IP66 protection, which makes it waterproof. Intelbras ’bullet camera sells for $ 155 on Amazon. Buyers give it an average rating of 4.3 and many reviews highlight the quality of the camera. Because they are simpler configurations, they should not compete with advanced models.

  • The good sides: night shooting, 20 meter distance, 97 degree angle and quality price
  • Cons: HD resolution and wired connectivity

HikVision THC-B120C-P HiLook surprises with Full HD and 180º tilt recording – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

The HikVision THC-B120C-P HiLook is an option with more advanced settings. The model records in Full HD, with an aperture rate of 2.8 mm, which can widen the view and record in more isolated places. The company promises that the night mode is quite strict and the footage reaches 20 meters.

Features are combined with a 180-degree tilt, easy to position while the camera is recording, and IP66 protection, which makes it waterproof. However, the connection is only made by cable. To buy this option, you have to pay around R $ 199.

  • The good sides: Full HD resolution and tilt up to 180 degrees
  • Cons: cable connection only

Giga GS0473 can record at 93 degree angles – Photo: Playback / Amazon

Another option is the Giga GS0473 bullet camera, which has similar configurations to the previous ones. The model records in HD and is able to take pictures at night with the night mode function. It also promises to record the device at angles of up to 93 degrees, which is interesting for large environments.

However, like the other cameras shown, the Giga GS0473 also has a wired connection. Therefore, it is a suitable model for those looking for simple, less functional options. Its average market value is approximately R $ 190, slightly higher than the previous one.

  • The good sides: recording at night and at an angle of 93 degrees
  • Invoices: HD resolution and wired connectivity

Intelbras VIP 1130 B has IP67 protection against water and dust – Photo: Disclosure / Intelbras

The Intelbras VIP 1130 B is a higher priced bullet camera, but it can be interesting for those looking for better specs. Recording is done in HD, but with the option to adjust the colors to black and white or color. In addition, the shooting range is up to 30 meters, with the option of night mode.

An interesting feature offered by Intelbras is the IP67 protection, which is even more resistant to water and other external agents. In terms of connectivity, it is also done via cable, but with the help of PoE technology, which allows it to be installed with a single wire. On the market, this camera sells for around R $ 368. With 5 star ratings, the model has no Amazon buyer reviews.

  • The good sides: Up to 30 meters recording, color adjustment and IP67 protection
  • Cons: HD resolution and higher price

HikVision DS-2CE12DFT-FC Full HD recorder, reaches 40 meters for recording and has IP67 protection – Photo: Reproduction / Amazon

The HikVision DS-2CE12DFT-FC is the latest bullet camera on the list. The model has the highest price and costs around R $ 398 in Brazilian retailers. Full HD resolution is combined with a distance of up to 40 meters and night vision for shooting. It also has a 180-degree tilt to adjust the best recording position.

The camera comes with IP67 protection, one of the most advanced and promises to prevent damage from water or external agents (such as dust). Its connectivity is also wired, with no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options. On Amazon, the model has an average rating of 3.9 out of 5, but users have not rated or commented on the quality.

  • The good sides: Full HD resolution, 180 degree tilt, 40 meter range and IP67 protection
  • Cons: high price

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