Brazil, renewed, suffered, but beat Germany in the debut of the League of Nations | volleyball

In a new beginning, not everything is going well. With a renewed team, Brazil struggled in their Nations League debut. But under the command of newcomers like Julia Bergmann, the highlight of the game was winning over Germany in Shreveport-Bossier City, USA. 3 set 1, partial 29/27, 23/25, 27/25 and 25/21, the team of José Roberto Guimarães took the first step in the search for an unprecedented title in the competition.

Highlights: Germany 1 x 3 Brazil, Women’s Volleyball League

Brazil will return to the court next Thursday. In the second match of the League of Nations, the team will face Poland at 16:00. Sportv2 streams the game live, and ge follows everything in real time.

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The team celebrates the point against Germany – Photo: FIVB

One of Zé Roberto’s main bets on this re-formulation of the band was that Julia Bergmann lived up to expectations. The youngest striker came off the court with the highest scorer, with 19 points, 18 of them in attack. Carol, one of the veterans of the team, also shone with 16 points, blocking six of them, the main base of this Tuesday’s national team.

Macris, detailed in the distribution of the games, also stood out. Other news from the group, Diana, center, and Nyeme, free, were important pieces in the victory. On the German side, the most notable of the team were Janiska and Orthmann, with 15 points.

Sep 1 – Starts before Brazil

It was the beginning of adaptations. In such a new group, it was inevitable that everything would not be so firm. With more players involved, Germany took advantage early in the game. After an attacking error, the opponents opened the scoring 7-4. Gradually, however, Brazil began to enter. In a cross-attack by Julia Bergmann, the difference fell to just one point: 10/9.

The tie came shortly after, with one of Lorraine’s 12/12. The turning point came when Carol blocked Orthmann with 17/16. It was Brazil’s password to get away from the scoreboard. In Pri Daroit’s block, the selection reached 24/20. But Germany reacted and left everything the same in Orthmann’s attack. The rivals also had a set point. But Loren, with a blow, closed out the first set on 29/27.

Sept. 2 – Brazil starts to chase, tries to react, but Germany gets better

Returning to the court, Brazil tried to keep pace. The selection also opened up an advantage in the beginning, but Germany reacted and scored 7/6. At that time, Zé Roberto’s team started to have problems passing and returning and the ball. The rivals took advantage and opened the account 13/9. It wasn’t a very good moment for Zé Roberto’s team. Turns and balls more effective, Germany finished the lead with 22 and 15.

Nyeme passes to Julia Bergmann during the game – Photo: FIVB

At the time, Zé had already tried some changes, such as the inclusion of Roberta and Kisy’s investment. Gradually, Brazil pulled away and narrowed the gap to 22-18. In their best sequence, when Carol was free, the team was two points clear of the tie shortly after, with 22 and 20 points. Julia Bergmann scored shortly afterwards. for the team the fifth point in a row and the disadvantage dropped to just one point. In Alsmeier’s attack, Brazil came to a draw. 23/23. The reaction, however, was futile. Shortly afterwards, the opponents closed the 25/23 partial.

Sept. 3 – Brazil takes the lead

Returning to the court, Brazil wanted to speed up. Even with a bit of ease, he opened up 5/2 on the count. But Germany went away and drew 6/6 with Orthmann. The match went hard, and the Germans took the lead with 12/11. As in the previous set, the number of errors in Brazil increased. Germany took advantage and opened up an advantage.

Zé Roberto tried to change it by sending Loren to Kisy’s court. The selection was the best weapon to react to the lock. The equalizer, however, was in the hands of Kisy, who explored the German wall to reach 21/21. The turning point came when Júlia Bergmann blocked it. The team managed to recover its best moment and returned to the first division in the game with Pri Daroit: 27/25.

Carol celebrates the match against Germany – Photo: FIVB

Sept. 4 – Brazil wins and closes the game

Brazil tried to impose immediately in the last set. With the authority, he took advantage of the selection at the beginning. With 12/8 in the lead, the opponent saw the game stop to try to fix the house. It didn’t work. With the start of Julia Bergmann, Zé Roberto’s team opened up 9/16. Germany still rehearsed a reaction, avoiding a sequence of match points in Brazil. In the end, however, the team confirmed the victory: 25/21.

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