Brazil remain unscathed, beat the Dominicans and remain unbeaten in the league volleyball

For a moment it seemed too easy. On the other hand, everything went wrong. But when it came to the best course, Brazil used their strength to secure their third victory in the League of Nations. After an initial blow, the team was disconnected in the second set, but returned to the rhythm to win the Dominican Republic. 3 set 1, partial winning 25/9, 16/25, 25/18 and 25/17, remains undefeated in the Shreveport-Bossier City competition in the United States.

Highlights: Dominican Republic 1 x 3 Brazil Women’s Volleyball Nations League

Brazil will close the first week of the League of Nations this Saturday. At 22:00, José Roberto Guimarães’ team will face the United States. sportv2 gives the match live, and ge everything follows in real time.

Brazil v Dominican Republic League of Nations – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Brazil went to court with the changes. Kisy and Lorena took Lorenne and Diana’s seats. And they didn’t disappoint. On the other hand. Both were on the Brazilian court. The opponent closed the game with 20 points, selected the best on the court. Diana, on the other hand, had seven points, four blocks. Julia Bergmann, with 11 points, and Carol, with 11, in addition to Pri Daroit, the team’s balance point, were other highlights.

– The team must have a lot of shooting. We are working very well. I don’t think he was the only one, everyone helped. It’s a very fast tournament. We won here, it’s over. We need to focus on the United States in our next game. It’s work, study and play, ”Kisy said.

Group 1 – Zé Roberto didn’t expect anything so easy …

Taking advantage of the block in the first attack of the game, Pri Daroit opened the account in the match. It was a night of change, with Kisy and Lorena starting for the first time. And they both felt no pressure. One point from midfield, Brazil opened up 10/3 very easily. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic, which has already given so much trouble to the national team, did not seem to find itself.

Brazil v Dominican Republic League of Nations – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

It seemed too easy. And in fact, it was. Without forcing, Brazil opened the scoring in the lead on the mistakes of their opponents. And also for its merits. In a stroke of Carol, 19 and 8 in the lead. The road to the end of the partial was fast. In a mistake by González, the end of the story is set: 9/25. To the chagrin of Marcos Kwiek, he did not understand the poor performance of the Dominicans – there were only 10 mistakes against two Brazilians.

Block 2 – The change is the same

Did you think little? Returning to the court, the Dominicans opened the second set with another mistake. But look, two mistakes in a row, Brazil put its rivals ahead for the first time. The Caribbean increased the lead by two points, while Carol made another mistake. The score also reached 6/2, but the team went in search of him with a great pass from Kisy.

But it was no longer so easy. Peña, so popular with Brazilian fans, and Peralta became almost all Dominican attacks. This is how the rivals opened the 9/11 account. The Brazilian reception stopped working. In a bout of Peralta with two aces, the rivals opened up 18/12. Zé Roberto stopped the game for the first time then. Shortly before, he also tried to invest, with Roberta and Lorenne on the court. But it was useless. Far below the first set, the Dominicans gave the change: 25/16.

Brazil x Rep. Dominican Republic – Photo: Publicity / FIVB

Sept. 3 – Brazil takes the lead

One of Julia Bergmann’s starts the count in the third set. But the Dominicans tried to keep the same footprint as in the previous set. At the beginning of the game that ease was no longer there. The selection also opened 8/6, but a spectacular block by Peña against Carol diminished the advantage. But Carol returned to the same place shortly after.

Gradually, Brazil began to be liberated again. With a quick ball in the middle, Macris set Lorena free to release her arm and open up 15/11. It was the turn of Kwiek to ask for time and try to hit the house. It didn’t work. Karina, as in other games, got into the game very well and opened up 21/14. The definition did not last long. In a Kisy block, the end of the game in the third set: 25/18.

Sept. 4 – Brazil play their part and close out the game

The Dominican Republic tried to play hard again in the fourth set. Brazil, however, was not afraid. With Julia Bergmann and Pri Daroit on the court, the team is about to dominate in its own way. A first blow opened Zé Roberto’s team 15/10 in the middle of the half. Shortly afterwards, on the same two-pass pass, it opened 12/19. The Dominicans still tried to react, but they met with their mistakes again. In the end, a victory without new scares: 25/17.

Brazil celebrates one point against Dominicans – Photo: FIVB / Disclosure

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