Brazil plays under the top teams on FIFA date and sees Argentina halt pre-Cup plans | Brazilian Team

Long awaited by Tite and the coaching staff, the FIFA date in June has already given CBF disappointment even before the ball is in for the friendly against South Korea and Japan. Although they are allowed to stay with the players together for at least 16 days (from this Monday to June 14), Brazil will only play two games, lower than other top teams in the world.

Of the top 20 ranked teams in FIFA, only Colombia – apart from the World Cup and there has been no new coach since Reinaldo Rueda’s ouster – can play fewer games than Brazil. Europeans will play, on average, four duels, valid for the League of Nations. However, teams from other continents, such as Mexico (5) and Uruguay (3), have also hosted many games..

On average, the other 19 FIFA top 20 teams will play 3.6 games this FIFA date.

Calendar of the top 20 teams in the FIFA rankings in June

NATION FIFA date games opponents What is at risk
Brazil two South Korea and Japan Friendly games
Belgium 4 Netherlands, Poland (2x), Wales League of Nations
France 4 Denmark, Croatia (2x), Austria League of Nations
Argentina two Italy and Estonia “finally” and friendly
England 4 Hungary (2x), Germany and Italy League of Nations
Italy 5 Argentina, Germany (2x), England and Hungary “Finalíssima” and League of Nations
Spain 4 Portugal, Czechia (2x) and Switzerland League of Nations
Portugal 4 Spain, Switzerland (2x) and Czechia League of Nations
Mexico 5 Nigeria, Uruguay, Ecuador, Suriname and Jamaica Concacaf Friendlies and Nations League
Netherlands 4 Belgium, Wales (2x) and Poland League of Nations
Denmark 4 France, Austria (2x) and Croatia League of Nations
Germany’s 4 Italy (2x), England and Hungary League of Nations
Uruguay 3 Mexico, United States and Jamaica Friendly games
bEhinD 4 Czechia, Portugal (2x) and Spain League of Nations
United States 4 Morocco, Uruguay, Grenada and El Salvador Concacaf Friendlies and Nations League
Croatia 4 Austria, France (2x) and Denmark League of Nations
Colombia 1 Saudi Arabia Friendly
Welsh 4 Poland, Netherlands (2x) and Belgium League of Nations
Sweden 4 Slovenia, Norway (2x) and Serbia League of Nations
Senegal two Benin and Rwanda African Cup qualifiers

Initially, Brazil had three appointments scheduled for the FIFA date. However, in the final minute, Argentina stopped playing in a friendly set for 11th, Australia. Tickets for the match are already on sale, and CBF has the logistics for the trip.

The behavior of the Argentines angered Tite and his assistants. What’s worse than not being able to play the classic is being notified of the cancellation of the game without enough time to find a new opponent.. The CBF came out with a few other choices – with Senegal as a favorite – but understood that the deadline to settle all bureaucratic issues for the friendly was too tight.

– The game has already been announced by the Melbourne government. We received information that they would not. I don’t know why they don’t like you there, that’s their schedule, they want to release the athletes first. But there was a contract and now there is a legal fight there between the companies and the AFA. More than 50,000 tickets have already been sold. It even gives gastritis (dealing with AFA) – said, in a relaxed tone, Juninho Paulista, coordinator of Choice in an interview with “Flow Podcast”.

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Tite and coaching staff during training with the Brazilian team – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

As a result of the incident, CBF sought to collect compensation from Pitch, the organizer of the Superclássico against Argentina.

The criticism of the Argentines is more confusing to this date at FIFA. Due to uncertainty about the conduct of the Qualifiers game – suspended after the intervention of Anvisa agents – Brazil does not know what its life will be like on FIFA’s next date, in September, the end before the World Cup. Cup.

FIFA has determined that the match will be held on September 22, but the CBF and the AFA (Argentine Football Association) will file an injunction with the Court of Arbitration for Sport to stop the derby from being played.

If the request is accepted, Brazil will have greater freedom to find opponents and be able to pursue friendships against African teams – for example, Morocco, inviting them to a match.

If Argentina has an obligation to face, the Choice will at least try to send the confrontation to another country – perhaps the United States. That way, it’s easier to find an opponent for a friendly match on the same FIFA date. One of the strongest possibilities is to face Mexico.

The classic between Brazil and Argentina, in September 2021, ended up being canceled – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Unsure of the future, Tite tries to take advantage of the present moment. Even if stronger than previously planned, this date FIFA still reserves eight training sessions for the canarian group..

Brazil will face South Korea this Thursday, at 8:00 a.m. (GMT), in Seoul, and then face Japan, next Monday, at 7:20 a.m., in Tokyo.

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