Brazil is the favorite to win the Cup for what does it present?

The Brazilian team returned to show good football in today’s friendly (2) and defeated South Korea 5-1 in a game in preparation for the Qatar World Cup. The offensive sector put on a compelling performance and was responsible for all of Tite’s team goals: Neymar (2), Richarlison, Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus.

Facing the football it presented in the last games, the Can Brazil be called the favorite to win the World Cup? We asked this question to the columnists at UOL Sport, which did not remain on the fence. Check the answers:

Selection comes as one of the shirt weight favorites, as always. But a good loss against a weak opponent doesn’t make you more qualified. There is still plenty of water to solidify and the short shot tournament will provide surprises, but I still see France as the favorites, followed by Argentina.

No. Remarkably the only favorite is France, current champion and with the strengthening of Benzema. Brazil is on the cake of candidates, with work that shows evolution, but it still doesn’t and probably doesn’t have a big test so far in the World. But the World Cup is only in November and holidays and transfers could change the scenario until then.

One of the favorites, along with France, Argentina, England and Germany. But this aspect of being a favorite isn’t usually a good one.

Brazil has always been one of the favorites, especially since they don’t have any team that can be regular in this cycle. But Brazil’s recent performances, especially in attack, have given more hope to those rooted in the national team.

One of the biggest favorites, as well as France, Argentina, Germany, Spain, maybe Belgium.

Brazil is one of the favorites to win the Cup. It never stops, it never stops. It’s the heaviest shirt in the world and it’s always going to be a champion. It has the advantage of having the same coach as last season, it has important players in almost every position, Brazil is not behind anyone. There are 7 or 8 teams that can win the Cup, there are four fantastic games where I’m sure no one wants to have Brazil in front of them.

Yes indeed. Brazil will compete with Qatar and be one of the favorites. I point to Brazil, Argentina, France and England as the main candidates for football presented in recent months. But there are still more than five months left before the Cup and factors, such as injuries, could change this scenario.

Favorite in the top four, surpassing Russia’s poor participation.

No. It’s part of the favorites list, but if we have to highlight one, it’s not Brazil. France and even Argentina will lead Brazil in this ranking.

Favorite, no. But the team is not weak and can go far. I think he can reach the semifinals and, who knows, he could take third place. The favorite is France.

What is presented in the selection? He was not facing a European. You have to be “Pacheco” too much to think that the Brazilian team is a favorite just by playing “I cheated on me, I want to”.

Brazil is not the favorite to win the Cup, as it still belongs to France. But it is part of the group of real candidates for the title, as well as, for the most part, Argentina and England.

Yes, it’s one of the favorites. He has a very good Qualifiers campaign, he has players at a good stage, which can be unbalanced. It is one of the leading candidates such as France, Argentina and England.

No. The team is improving, but Argentina and France have played better against more difficult tests recently. And better not. Rarely, anyone who comes in as a favorite wins the World Cup.

Nominating favorites for the Cup is often useless because, in most cases, they can’t win. It could be said that France has the strongest squad, but there is a group of teams with chances like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and a little behind Belgium and Germany. It’s playoffs and there are six months left before the World Cup, so it’s hard to know exactly what everyone will do at the World Cup. We just remember Italy from European champion until eliminated in the Cup and punching bag.

France is, by far, the team with the best players in the world, it is the current champion and, therefore, the most favorite. Below France, on the second shelf, there is a balanced block of Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

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