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It was a great day for Brazil at the World Beach Volleyball Cup in Rome. Due to the clash between the two women’s pairs, the country can only continue with six doubles in the tournament after Thursday’s quarter-finals. All five achieved this feat. In men, Brazil continues to compete with all its teams. Four of the eight pairs in the quarterfinals are Brazilians.

Bruno and Saymon win the round of 16 of the World Cup in Rome – Photo: FIVB

André and George will beat Australians Nicolaidis and Carracher and will face Bruno Schmidt and Saymon against Cherif and Ahmed Qatar on Friday at 8am. With that, Brazil is already guaranteed a double in the semi-finals. Alison and Gutok, who beat Chilean cousins ​​Grimalt, face off at Mol / Sorum in Norway at 2 p.m. Renato and Vitor Felipe, who have made a spectacular comeback against Nicolai and Cottafava in Italy, will host the Slovenian Nõlva and Tiisaar at 16:00.

In the women’s category, Duda and Ana Patrícia are the only remaining national representatives. Carol Solberg and Bárbara won and Sarah Pavan and Melissa Paredes face off on Wednesdays, starting at 6 p.m. The Canadians were tasked with eliminating Talita and Rebecca this Thursday in the quarterfinals.

The World Cup is broadcast on SporTV and is the most important sports tournament since the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Canadians are becoming “destructive Brazil”

With a bit of ease, Duda and Ana Patrícia won the Brazilian match against Carol Solberg and Barbara with two set-zeros, a 21/16 and a 21/17 partial. It is the fifth match between the pairs and the fifth victory of the youngest team, which dominated the scoreboard almost all the time.

Duda and Ana Patricia beat Carol Solberg and Barbara at the World Cup in Rome – Photo: FIVB

With the quarterfinals in their pockets, Duda and Ana were waiting for the next result to see if they would play another green duel against Talita and Rebecca or if they would face the Canadians Sarah Pavan and Melissa Paredes. It was a very balanced duel. The Brazilians won the first set for 21/16. The rivals returned in the second for 21/11. Talita and Rebecca had the ball in the tie to close out the game, but they failed in the decisive hour and prevailed with a score of 18/16.

Duda and Ana will be tasked with overthrowing the current world champions, who became the “destroyers of Brazil” in the tournament. In addition to Talita and Rebecca, Taiana / Hegeile were eliminated in the previous round.

Brazil got off to a good start in this Thursday’s clashes. André and George faced the faster Nicolaidis and Carracher, who have a faster style of play, to their surprise. But they were well-adjusted and easily won, finishing first in the quarter-finals. The victory was zero for two sets, with a double 21×15.

André and George beat the Australians in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Rome – Photo: FIVB

It was a much more exciting second game for the men. Bruno Schmidt and Saymon competed against Cherif and Ahmed Qatar athletes. They won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics and are one of the top pairs on the circuit. But the Brazilians played an incredibly safe game in the round of the ball and managed to win by two and zero, with a double 21×19.

Alison and Guto were the third pair of men to reach the quarterfinals. Against his cousin Grimalt, from Chile, the Brazilian pair suffered in the first set and managed to win only the partial 24-22, after a turn in the last part of the partial. In the second set, with Gutok sweeping the court, the pair closed at 21-17.

In the last game, the biggest emotion of the day. Vitor Felipe and Renato faced Nicolai and Cottafava and they started badly. The Italians made it 21-11 in the first set and looked confident of winning the game. But the Brazilian pair got their heads together, winning the second round 21-19 and also flipping the tie-break to win 15-13.

The Brazilians face off in the quarterfinals

8am – Andre / George (BRA) x Bruno Schmidt / Saymon (BRA)
14:00 – Alison / Guto (BRA) x Mol / Sorum (NOR)
4pm – Renato / Vitor Felipe (BRA) x Nõlvak / Tiisaar (ESL)

06:00 – Duda / Ana Patricia (BRA) x Pavan / Melissa (CAN)

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