Brazil beat South Korea with friendly two goals from Neymar

The Brazilian team defeated South Korea, 5-1 today (2) in a friendly World Cup preparation in Qatar. Goals at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium were scored by Richarlison, Neymar, twice from penalty kicks, Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus.

More than 67,000 fans attended the opening of the “Brazil Global Tour”, a series of friendly matches for the Asian national team, and praised Neymar from start to finish. A Real Madrid hero in the Champions League, Vini Jr was also honored when he entered the field in the 25th minute of the second half. In preparation for the Cup, Tite saw a fun attack and goalcorer and good performances from names like Alex Sandro and Fred, but he was probably disappointed with the performance of experienced Thiago Silva and Daniel Alves.

The next challenge is Brazil than on Monday (6th), against Japan. It’s best to set the alarm earlier: the ball will roll at 7:20 a.m. (Brazilian time). After this game, it’s September. South Korea also continues to prepare for the World Cup and will face Chile on the same day 6.

The best: Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro challenged Yong Lee’s scoring during South Korea against Brazil in a friendly

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The left-back has participated in almost every risky team game in today’s game. From Thiago Silva’s unauthorized goal to the start of Richarlison’s game, to suffering two penalties that ended with Neymar’s goals. Just on call with three sides and high competition, the Juventus athlete sent a message to Alex Telles and Guilherme Arana.

The worst: Thiago Silva and Daniel Alves

Daniel Alves - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images

Daniel Alves scores for Heung-min Son during the friendly between South Korea and Brazil

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The right back didn’t respond in time to cover the spaces behind his back and suffered from South Korea’s speed. The defender, on the other hand, took a pivot worthy of an Asian goal school and still showed uncertainty in some moments of the game.

Brazil made two early; but the VAR canceled one

Richarlison - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Richarlison performs the dove dance to celebrate the goal scored by the Brazilian team against South Korea

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

The Brazilian team started the run fast. Two minutes later, in the first attack, Thiago Silva took advantage of Alex Sandro’s cross and put it ahead. However, the linesman’s position is offside. Later, at six, Alex Sandro once again made a nice play on the left, crossed the ball and found Fred. Kicked by the midfielder, the ball was seen deflected to Richarlison and entered. It was Pombo’s fourth goal in the last three selection games.

Thiago Silva is pivoting, and Korea is drawing

Korea - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images

South Korea celebrated the goal scored by Ui Jo Hwang in a friendly against Brazil

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

After the scoring opening, Brazil slowed down a bit and started not giving Korea much risk. The hosts had difficulties in the making, but they got the tie one step above Thiago Silva. Ui Jo Hwang, a Bordeaux player, got inside the area and pivoted the defender more quickly. He kicked the cross, also defeated Weverton and drove 67,000 Koreans crazy.

Neymar took a penalty, danced and applauded

Neymar - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images

Neymar applauds South Korean fans in celebrating the goal for the Brazilian team

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

After scoring the goal, Brazil tried to react immediately and soon got a penalty. Alex Sandro was fouled inside the venue, it was not seen by the referee, but he was warned by the VAR, who is a referee for his own country. Neymar went to the beat, dismissed the goalkeeper and scored his 72nd goal using the national team shirt. At the celebration, she danced with her companions and was applauded even by the local people, as it was the whole week. He also returned the applause to the standers.

Almost a replay of this game took place at the beginning of the second half: Young Gwon Kim knocked Alex Sandro to the spot and the referee handed down a penalty after consulting the video. Neymar converted again to add to the score.

Vini Jr. blew up the stadium at the entrance

The goal scorer who won Real Madrid’s Champions League title, Vini Jr exploded in the stadium when he went to the edge of the field to replace Richarlison, in the 25th minute of the second half. The emotion of the stances is similar to that seen in the appearances of Neymar and Son on the big screen. The player on the first move from left attempted a dribble that took the fan from the seat at the World Cup Stadium.

Jesus closed the defeat and stopped fasting

Brazil made the end of the game a tour, despite changing more than half of the team. And then Gabriel Jesus even left the fast that lasted for three years, since the end of the Copa América in 2019. There have been 19 games he has played without hitting the net with a yellow shirt. Manchester City’s good end was also shown in the selection.

Son and Neymar on the same level

Neymar - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images - Chung Sung -Jun/Getty Images

Neymar during the Brazilian team’s friendly against South Korea: an idol around the world

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Throughout the week, Neymar was much sought after by South Korean fans. On game day, the Brazilian was equally mad. The audience shouted every time he appeared on the big screen and during the lineup they applauded shirt 10 at the same level as Son, a local idol and a few days ago top scorer in the Premier League with 23 goals.

the goals

Richarlison opened the scoring in the sixth minute of the first half for Brazil, but South Korea tied in the 30th minute with Ui Jo Hwang. The visiting team’s second goal came from Neymar’s penalty kick in the 41st minute and the third in the same way, but in the 11th minute of the complementary period. Philippe Coutinho scored the fourth goal shortly after entering the field, in the 34th minute. Gabriel Jesus finished with the score in the 47th minute.


Location: World Cup Stadium in Seoul (South Korea)
Date/time: June 2, 2022, Thursday at 8:00 a.m. (Brazilian time)
Referee: Ryuji Sato (Japan)
assistants: Hiroshi Yamauchi and Jun Mihara (both from Japan)
VAR: Daeyong Kim (South Korea)
Yellow card: Woo Yeoung Jeong (South Korea)

OBJECTIVES: Richarlison, at 6/1 T (0-1), Ui Jo Hwang, at 30/1 T (1-1), Neymar, at 41/1 T (1-2), Neymar, at 11/2 T (1 -3), Philippe Coutinho, at 34/2nd (1-4), Gabriel Jesus, at 47/2nd (1-5).

SOUTH KOREA: Seung-Gyu Kim; Yong Lee (Woo Young Jung, on 2/16), Young Gwon Kim, Kyung Won Kwon and Chul Hong; Seung-Ho Paik (Moon Hwan Kim, on 16/2Q), In-Beom Hwang, Woo Yeoung Jeong and Heung-min Son; Ui Jo Hwang (Sang Ho Na, at 25/2nd) and Hee Chan Hwang (Chang Hoon Kwon, at 39/2nd). Technician: Paulo Bento.

BRAZIL: Weverton; Daniel Alves, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Alex Sandro; Casemiro (Fabinho, at 25/2nd), Fred (Bruno Guimarães, at 36/2nd) and Lucas Paquetá (Matheus Cunha, at 36/2nd); Raphinha (Gabriel Jesus, at 32/2º), Richarlison (Vini Jr, at 25/2º) and Neymar (Philippe Coutinho, at 32/2º). Technician: Titus.

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