Brasileirão 2022 has the G-4 of teams with foreign coaches for the first time in running points | Brazilian series a

Domain of foreign coaches on Brazilian soil. This is the current scenario, in terms of the points achieved in the two records of the 2022 Brazilian Championship. This is the first time a round has ended with the G-4 of teams coached by foreign coaches and the majority (seven out of 10 clubs) have a gringo commander at the head of the team.

G-4 Gringo Technicians in Brasileirão – Photo: Infoesporte

It took 750 rounds since 2003 for the Campeonato Brasileiro Série Ak to record a trip with four major teams with coaches from abroad. An unprecedented feat. The Palmeiras of the Portuguese Abel Ferreira, the Atletico-MG of the Argentine Antonio Mohamed, the Corinthians of the Portuguese Vítor Pereira and the Coritiba of the Paraguayan Gustavo Morínigo make up the G-4 of Brasileirão.

Most of what had happened before was three teams led by G-4 gringos in 2020 in nine rounds, four rounds in 2021 and six rounds in 2022. Round 8 is the first since 2003 with the top four teams in Brazil. ordered by foreign coaches.

Abel Ferreira Technical Committee at the Palmeiras Leaders Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. palms

Considering the cut from 1 to 10, the current scenario with foreign coaches with seven clubs in the top 10 also has no precedent. This is the first time that a round has been held with seven foreigners with better results than the Brazilian coach. In addition to the G-4 teams, Botafogo (Portuguese Luís Castro), Santos (Argentine Fabián Bustos) and Flamingo (Portuguese Paulo Sousa) make up the list of the top 10 teams in Brasileirão with Gringo command.

Previously, it was also the highest recorded this year. With six teams in the top-10 after the 6th and 7th rounds of the Brazilian 2022: Corinthians, Palmeiras, Atlético-MG, Botafogo, Santos and Coritiba.

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It is worth noting that in addition to the seven top-10 teams, there is also the Juan Vojvoda Fortress. Finally, the Uruguayan Alexander Medina, who directed and released Internacional in the 1st round, has already appeared in this edition. After agreeing with Cuiabá Portuguese António Oliveira, the 2022 Brasileirão has already reached 10 foreign coaches. A new record in running points.

+ The Brazilian Championship 2022 reaches 10 foreign coaches, a record in points scored; see list

Two consecutive editions, with a lot of foreign work, seem to have been 2019. Brasileirão presented two excellent works by foreign coaches: Jorge Jesus for Flamingo and Jorge Sampaoli for Santos. Champion and runner-up in the Brazilian Championship that year. Both came to Brazilian football with new concepts and the excellent performance of the Brazilian elite club increased the demand for coaches from abroad.

Foreign coaches dominate G4 for the first time in Brasileirão

Since then, that number has risen. See year after year since 2003:

Brasileirão 2003 – Three coaches

  1. Darío Pereyra (Uruguay) – Paysandu
  2. Roberto Rojas (Chile) – Sao Paulo
  3. Darío Pereyra (Uruguay) – Guild

Brasileirão 2004 – None

Brasileirão 2005 – A coach

  1. Daniel Passarella (Argentina) – Corinthians

Brasileirão 2006 – None

Brasileirão 2007 – None

Brasileirão 2008 – None

Brasileirão 2009 – None

Brasileirão 2010 – A coach

  1. Jorge Fossati (Uruguay) – International

Brasileirão 2011 – None

Brasileirão 2012 – None

Brasileirão 2013 – None

Brasileirão 2014 – Two coaches

  1. Miguel Ángel Portugal (Spain) – Athletico-PR
  2. Ricardo Gareca (Argentina) – Palmeiras

Brasileirão 2015 – Three coaches

  1. Diego Aguirre (Uruguay) – International
  2. Juan Carlos Osorio (Colombia) – Sao Paulo
  3. Sérgio Vieira (Portugal) – Athletico-PR

Brasileirão 2016 – Four coaches

  1. Diego Aguirre (Uruguay) – Atletico-MG
  2. Edgardo Bauza (Argentina) – Sao Paulo
  3. Paulo Bento (Portugal) – Cruzeiro
  4. Sérgio Vieira (Portugal) – América-MG

Brasileirão 2017 – Two coaches

  1. Petkovic (Serbia) – Victory
  2. Reinaldo Rueda (Colombia) – Flamenco

Brasileirão 2018 – A coach

  1. Diego Aguirre (Uruguay) – Sao Paulo

Brasileirão 2019 – Two coaches

  1. Jorge Sampaoli (Argentina) – Santos
  2. Jorge Jesus (Portugal) – Flamengo

Brasileirão 2020 – Seven coaches

  1. Eduardo Coudet (Argentina) – International
  2. Domènec Torrent (Spain) – Flemish
  3. Jorge Sampaoli (Argentina) – Atletico-MG
  4. Ricardo Sá Pinto (Portugal) – Basque
  5. Abel Ferreira (Portugal) – Palmeiras
  6. Emiliano Diaz (Argentina) – Botafogo
  7. Gustavo Morínigo (Paraguay) – Coritiba

Brasileirão 2021 – Nine coaches

  1. Hernan Crespo (Argentina) – Sao Paulo
  2. Juan Vojvoda (Argentina) – Fortaleza
  3. Abel Ferreira (Portugal) – Palmeiras
  4. António Oliveira (Portugal) – Athletico-PR
  5. Miguel Ángel Ramírez (Spain) – International
  6. Diego Aguirre (Uruguay) – International
  7. Bruno Lopes (Portugal) – Bahia
  8. Diego Dabove (Argentina) – Bahia
  9. Gustavo Florentin (Paraguay) – Sport

Brasilerão 2022: 10 technicians

  1. Abel Ferreira (Portugal) – Palmeiras
  2. Antonio Mohamed (Argentina) – Atletico-MG
  3. Vitor Pereira (Portugal) – Corinthians
  4. Gustavo Morínigo (Paraguay) – Coritiba
  5. Luis Castro (Portugal) – Botafogo
  6. Paulo Sousa (Portugal) – Flamengo
  7. Fabian Bustos (Argentina) – Santos
  8. Juan Vojvoda (Argentina) – Fortaleza
  9. Alexander Medina (Uruguay) – International *
  10. António Oliveira (Portugal) – Cuiabá

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