Bragantino beat Coritiba with a tremendous first half

Red Bull Bragantino beat Coritiba 4-2 today in the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship at Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium. The home team’s goals were scored by Hyoran (twice), Artur and Nathan, and Igor Paixão and Adrián Martínez reduced the number of visitors.

As a result, Bragança Paulista’s team is in 8th place with 17 points, ahead of Cox, who is 15 and 9th. Bragantino will play again next Saturday (18) at 21:00 against Santos, away from home, and Coritiba on Sunday (19) at 16:00 against Athletico-PR, at home.

Hyoran opened the scoring for Bragantino

With less than six minutes left in the first half, Raul took the ball and approached the edge of the box. Hyoran took the ball and loaded it to half height. He crossed the line and was in the right corner of Alex Muranha, he tried to reach it, but failed and sent it into the net.

Coritiba came on for 12. Fabrício Daniel shot from outside the box but the goalkeeper Cleiton managed to get it shot.

It extends to Artur Bragantino

It was Bragantino’s start to the defense that increased his lead against Coritiba. After a short tussle with the defender, Artur finally tucked the ball home. He sketched in the middle and hit the left. The ball deflected in the middle of the road and died inside the net in the 33rd in the first phase.

Hyoran unites one more

With two minutes to go, Bragantino continued his strong attack. After a mistake by Coritiba, Hyoran passed the ball to Sorriso on the left side of the attack and picked it up a little further back. He sent for the first back, the corner, and scored the second goal of the match. The VAR reviewed the offer, but a few moments later the goal was confirmed.

Coritiba goes down early in the second half

At a disadvantage, coach Gustavo Morínigo made four changes during the break. He was one of those players who reduced the lead in the 5th minute of the second half. Natanael crossed the ball to the right, passed it all over, and was left with Igor Paixão, who dominated and hit hard in the back.

Coxa arrived with Alef Manga in the 11th minute. The ball bounced off the post and forced the Cleiton goalkeeper to make a good stop. Bragantino kept up the pressure and responded on the next play, with Hyoran on his left leg. Alex Muralha did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out. Jan Hurtado, 17, also tested the Coxa goalkeeper, who he defended again.

On the 23rd, Coritiba had one more chance to lower the lead. Igor Paixão picked up Galarza’s pass and played from behind. Clayton hit the ball, sent it first and hit the crossbar.

Nathan increases Bragantino’s lead

As Coritiba was under pressure, Bragantino remained active. In the 29th minute, Artur took a free kick in the middle of the penalty area and found Natan, who headed in well. At the end of the match, the home fans shouted ‘olé’.

Adrián Martínez scored

In the final play of the game, the ball was thrown to Coritiba’s attack and the Cleiton goalkeeper gave a weak blow forward. The ball landed at the feet of Adrían Martinez, who was completely unmarked in the box.


Red Bull Bragantino 4 x 2 Coritiba
The reason: 12th round of the Brazilian Championship
Date: 2022/06/15
Place: Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium
Hour: 19:00 (from Brazil)
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
Contributors: Nailton Junior de Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CE)
VAR: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ)
Yellow cards: Léo Ortiz (BGT), Galarza (CFC), Jadsom Silva (BGT)
red cards:
goals: Hyoran (BGT), in the 6th minute of the 1st half (1-0); Artur (BGT), 33rd in Part 1 (2-0); Hyoran (BGT), 35th in Part 1 (3-0); Igor Paixão (CFC), 2nd in 5th (3-1); Nathan (BGT), 29th in Part 2 (4-1); Adrián Martínez (CFC), 46 in Part 2 (4-2)

Red Bull Bragantino: Cleiton; Hurtado, Léo Ortiz, Natan and Luan Cândido; Raul (Jadsom Silva), Lucas Evangelista and Hyoran (Eric Ramires); Sorriso (Bruno Tubarão), Artur (Praxedes) and Ytalo. Coach: Maurício Barbieri.

Coritiba: Alex Muralha; Nathanael, Luciano Castan, Guillermo and Diego Porfírio; Bernardo (Adrián Martínez), Galarza and Régis (Robinho) (Biel); Neílton (Igor Paixão), Fabricio Daniel (Alef Manga) and Clayton. Coach: Gustavo Morínigo.

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