BlockAsset Legends: Discover the powerful NFT project

Hello investors! Have you heard of the BlockAsset Legends project? It’s a high-potential NFT project, and we’ll talk about that in today’s article. To facilitate understanding of the topic, I have divided the article into the following topics:

  • What is BlockAsset Legends?
  • Community growth and commitment
  • Develop experience with athletes
  • Conclusion

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What is BlockAsset Legends?

BlockAsset Legends is a collection of NFTs linked to the image of the world’s greatest athletes. That is why it has a significant list of sports idols from different generations that made history. These names include Muhammad Ali (former boxer), Wayne Rooney (former Manchester United and England player), among others. As a result, it is the largest NFT project related to the sport.

The BlockAsset Legends project has a very close relationship with the UFC. The legendary Shaquille O’Neal (a former Los Angeles Lakers athlete and one of the greatest players in NBA history) has already said that he has bought NFTs from this collection (he may be on his way to NFT).

However, one of the problems with this collection is its distance from the public cryptocurrency, which does not know how to buy and store NFTs. In this way, this distance has been channeled over time and with the expansion of the cryptography market.

The project is in the process of making NFT purchases available by credit card, where people can use fiat currency to purchase these assets. In short, this should lead to high demand from project buyers.

They will be listed on OpenSea (the world’s largest NFT trading platform) in a few months, which could lead to much more demand for the project.

Community growth and commitment

The BlockAsset Legends project has a YouTube channel with over a million views. From this point of view, the quality and production of these videos is paying close attention and the number of subscribers continues to rise. The project is creating a large community, however, most of these people are not from the world of cryptography.

Source: BlockAsset Channel

Currently, the holder of a first set NFT has the right to assemble future sets for 1.9 SOL, and will be publicly traded for 2.5 SOL. Only this difference already offers an interesting asymmetry. Considering, of course, the price of token SOL may change the price in this process.

Within the BlockAsset project, there are several types of initiatives that reward the holders of these NFTs, such as an athlete’s training day (including tickets and hotels). And they are developing other special and exclusive experiences for sports fans.

In terms of collaboration, BlockAsset is very supportive and has important partners in the development of the project. Animooca Brands (currently one of the largest VCs in the crypto universe) is investing in this project.

In addition, another interesting point in the collection is that it is designed by a world-renowned cryptographic artist called “Dosbrak”.

Source: Instagram Dosbrak


This is why it is well known that sport brings passion and excitement. Thus, BlockAsset Legends shows that it is achieving great growth in its community.

It is a project that has everything to work on and the commitment of the users will depend on how they make money. THE floor price it’s very cheap and inexpensive, and that’s great and offers a much better risk asymmetry than other projects already. floor price tall.

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