Bia Haddad wins Birmingham WTA – 19/22/2022 – Sports

Brazilian Bia Haddad, 26, lifted his second trophy in two weeks this Sunday (19). After winning the WTA 250 in Birmingham, England, the tennis player finished 32nd to 29th. Beatriz Haddad Maia gets the best position of a Brazilian, so Maria Esther Bueno, who was considered one of the best tennis players in the world before the classification and then took the same place in 1976.

Both, therefore, achieve a great feat for the one who started in the world ranking in 83rd.

The title is the second solo of his career. Last Sunday (12), he won the WTA Nottingham, also in England. In the same tournament, he also won the doubles category, his fourth achievement in the modality, with his opponent in Birmingham, the Chinese Shuai Zhang.

They had to play two games on Sunday (19). Rainy weather prevented the finals on Saturday (18). Before facing Zang, the two had Simona Halep, 30, a Romanian, 2019 Wimbledon champion and former number 4.

In the next match, Both found their opponent Zhang tired. The Chinese withdrew with 36 minutes left in the final, still in the first set, with Haddad winning 5-4. He complained of a neck injury.

“The title didn’t come the way I wanted it to, with Shuai retiring from the game and everything. I also played three hours earlier, so we were both tired,” the Brazilian said.

Both kept a moving speech for the opponent and the teammate. “Why not?” you showed me. We can have friends on tour. You are a great tennis player and a special person. Tennis is something that goes through, but the human side never does it, so congratulations on the person you are. ”

It seems that Paulista is finally finding strength after being suspended for doping in 2019 and 2020. He was removed from court in July 2019. And it stayed that way for ten months, until May 22, 2020. During that time, Bia was able to prove that he was a victim of cross-contamination in the handling of pharmaceutical vitamins. “He went from heaven to hell,” he reported on the podcast A Voz do Tênis.

“Before the news [de doping], people came to talk to me and asked me to take a picture. A few days later, the view was completely different. This feeling of doubt began. People hesitated, looked me in the eye and took a step back, ”he said on the podcast.

The return notice came as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic when tournaments were suspended. “If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would be ready to play in Europe.”

Even with the return, Both went through 2020 and 2021 without much success.

In 2022, despite starting far behind in the WTA rankings, Bia reached the Australian Open doubles final in January, playing on a hard field. He was hailed as the third Brazilian in a Grand Slam final.

The clay tracks, however, were not so generous with the Brazilian. Estonian veteran Kaia Kanepi, a 37-year-old 15-year-old, was eliminated in the second round of this year’s Roland Garros in Paris. Kanepi knocked Bia out of the tournament in two sets and zero in less than two hours. “In difficult times I couldn’t compete and be humble,” he said at the end of the match.

On the grass, Bia victorious. The two trophies won by the tennis player are part of the most popular tennis court season, and will end at the Wimbledon Championships in one of the Grand Slams on the circuit, which starts on June 27 in London.

She broke her Birmingham trophy by fasting Brazilian women on the grass. Since winning the title of Maria Esther Bueno in Manchester in 1968, one country athlete has not won a championship on this type of floor.

Birmingham victory Bia won the Grand Slam seed. This prevents them from taking the top 8 in the standings immediately.

He has previously played for the WTA in Eastbourne, England, where he will make his debut on Tuesday (20) against Estonian veteran Kaia Kanepi, who is in charge of the Brazilian’s first elimination in the second round of Roland Garros.

Now, there are ten wins in a row, both on the green. And the success of the English team raises hopes that the Brazilian will be a promise for the championship.

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