the doctor explains sex with patients inside the office

The Regional Medical Council (CRM-DF) is investigating a doctor who works in the Federal District on the premises of a clinic he attended for having sex with patients as well as colleagues. Explicit scenes are posted on a Twitter account by healthcare professionals. Identified as Lino Neves – herself known as “PeludoAN” (short for Asa … Read more

The first Brazilian to win the Champions League celebrates his 88th birthday today – 05/24/2022

Have you heard, internet friend, about the ex-tip Canário? Apparently not. And that’s because the brilliant Brazilian striker, who made his first steps in football in América do Rio, built the best moment of his career in Spain. And playing, for example, for the mighty Real Madrid with the likes of Didi, Puskas, Di Stéfano … Read more

who left or survived the Champions League final in 2018?

Liverpool and Real Madrid are among the clubs with the most Champions League finals in history; see each retrospective Liverpool and Real Madrid face to face in the final Champions League next Saturday (28). The match will pit the two teams that decided on the tournament four years ago. Since then, three more decisions have … Read more

Grêmio wins Glória and wins the third Recopa Gaúcha Championship

Grêmio is the three-time Recopa Gaúcha champion. On Tuesday night, Grêmio beat Glória 5-0 at the Altos da Glória Stadium in Vacaria. Goals were scored by Elkeson and Campaz on penalties from Janderson, Jhonata Varela and Ricardinho. With reserves, in the Serra gaucha, Grêmio did not have a hard time building an elastic scorer and … Read more

Monkeypox is approaching Brazil; Sesab provides guidelines to prevent contamination

The Argentine Ministry of Health is investigating the first case of a monkeypox registered in the country. The announcement was made last weekend. In a statement, a government official said a neighbor in the province of Buenos Aires had contacted the health service with “symptoms that are compatible with the monkey’s smallpox.” The patient presented … Read more