Uber continues to recover from the pandemic, but loses $ 5.6 billion in investment.

Uber on Wednesday reported strong growth in its travel and shipping business and said it was continuing to recover from a pandemic crisis, although it lost $ 5.6 billion due to investments in other travel-sharing companies, mainly Chinese service Didi. The company earned $ 6.9 billion in revenue in the first three months of 2022, … Read more

Raphael Veiga has won the cap, Palmeiras has again played against Independiente Petrolero and is the first to secure a place in the quarter-finals.

With three goals from Raphael Veiga, one from Rafael Navarro and one from Muro, Palmeiras beat Independiente Petrolero 5-0 and reached the quarter-finals of the Libertadores. THE palms is the first team to qualify for the quarterfinals CONMEBOL Liberators! after hitting Independent oil per 8 to 1 p.m. In Allianz Park, Abel Ferreira’s team beat … Read more

Return of measles: it is considered a common childhood disease, it can kill – 20/05/2022

Measles is an infectious disease caused by an RNA virus in the family paramyxoridae, transmitted by airway secretions, such as coughing, sneezing, or drops that disappear when speaking. It has a higher transmission rate than Covid-19: each person with the virus is estimated to infect 12-18 people. Although many consider it a common childhood disease, … Read more

Botafogo has the 4th largest surplus in 2021 and ranks 5th in the ranking of the most indebted clubs.

advice Sports Value this Tuesday (3) released a detailed analysis of the finances of Brazilian clubs based on the balance sheets for the 2021 season. Except for all the major clubs in town Atletico-MGtheir official figures were released by April 30th. The greatest financial power in national football, Flamenco he led the classification of revenues, … Read more

Missing variants: Lessons from Gamma, Iota and Mu

In early 2021, Colombian scientists discovered a disturbing new variant of coronavirus. This variant, eventually known as Mu, had a number of disturbing mutations that experts believe could help prevent immune system defenses. In the months that followed, Mu spread rapidly to Colombia, prompting a new rise in Covid-19 cases. It was detected in dozens … Read more

Athletico and Coritiba did not sign a document for the creation of the new league: “We are not going to tow” | football

The proposal to create Libra, the Brazilian League, moved the agenda of Brazilian clubs on Tuesday. Representatives of Serie A and B clubs met to discuss the proposed law at a hotel in São Paulo and little was decided. athletic and coritiba decided not to sign the document and is awaiting further discussions on the … Read more

With Veiga’s show, Palmeiras beats Petrolero and secures first place in the Libertadores team.

it became routine … palms he won another Liberators. On Tuesday night, the victim at the time was Independiente Petrolero-BOL, at the height of Sucre, who beat Alviverde 5-0 with three goals from Raphael Veiga, who became the club’s top scorer in the tournament. With the victory, Abel Ferreira’s team qualified early for the next … Read more