Australia beat Peru on penalties to reach the World Cup in Qatar

Enthusiastic and persistent Peruvian fans sang in refrain for most of the game: “Come on, Peruvians, tonight we have to win.” A popular shout out with the possibility of participating in the second consecutive World Cup. And the vacancy did not come. Australia won the penalties and will face the Qatar World Cup in November.

The Doha game was below the technical level, with a continuation of 0 to 0 in 120 minutes, counting down the extra time. But the result was better for the Australians and for goalkeeper Redmayne, the nature of the confrontation due to entering at the end of extra time and defending the decisive charge, got Valera’s hit. His behavior during the charges attracted attention: he made a catimba, challenged and continued to move relentlessly down the line.

The classified team will now enter Group D, with France, Denmark and Tunisia as opponents. The debut against the French, on November 22, at the Al Janoub stadium.

The dynamics of the game

Australia went into the field with a very clear proposal. A disciplined team, who scored well and had physical superiority in the Peruvian relationship. With compact lines, he can sometimes mark the pressure and then place himself on a block in front of the area, making it difficult to breed in Peru. However, painfully, there is nothing more detailed.

The first half had little chance on both sides. In Peru, there are a lot of difficulties for the goodness of the game with Cueva and Carrillo, who have to be the most enthusiastic. Lapadula received a few balls and lost as well. In the second half, Peru had more than the ball at their feet to try something out. Wrong decisions on some escapes closer to the area compromised the games. That’s why Carrillo was the first to be replaced.

Peru has made many individual technical mistakes, with passes and dominance failures. Australia in the second half made a few lunges in the tops. A cool team that could, yes, score, after spending most of the 90 minutes waiting to see if the Peruvians could make the game more dynamic.

the extension

If there are no goals in excess of two, the definition of Cup classified reaches overtime. The first half also has a high dose of monotony. But the second episode got an air of more serious drama. Within three minutes, Peru had a chance with Cueva, who was damaged inside the area and sent off, and one with Flores – the header after the long ball exploded into the post.

Thinking about the penalties, the Australian coach replaced the goalkeeper: the captain, Mathew Ryan, and Andrew Redmayne went.

The penalty shootout

Peru even took the lead after Gallese defended Boyle’s accusation earlier. But Advíncula hit the post and allowed the Australians to equalize the score. All batters then hit the target, until Valera, Cueva’s replacement during the game, stopped Redmayne.

Peru’s best (with the ball rolling) missed the penalty

Advíncula was the best player for the Peruvian side throughout the 120 minutes. The right back has a balanced defensive involvement and, due to the fact that he is fast and strong, he has made a few wing escapes. Other trials seemed desperate in the face of the team’s lack of inspiration as a whole. But on penalty kicks, he hit the post.

the best in australia

Aaron Mooy is the key player for the Australian national team. He “stamped” almost every ball to build his team, finding important passes that triggered some good attacking situations. He was the big brain of the team. In any case, Australia’s best chance came at Behich’s feet, after a step to the left where he won two duels and crashed near Gallese’s left post.

Peruvian fans put on a show

The Doha match had the air of a World Cup not only because of the decisive part of the match, but also because of the significant presence of Peruvian fans. There are about 10 thousand. Some of them had already teamed up the previous day to encourage choice at the hotel door. During the game, the ambient audio is the bass drum and other musical instruments brought by Peruvian fans.

Peruvian fans take to the stands at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, in Qatar, during the clash between Australia and Peru for the World Cup qualifiers. 06/13/2022


The air conditioning worked

Despite another hot summer day in Qatari, the stadium’s air conditioning system is working again. According to members of the organizers of the match, the pitch temperature was 19 °. The cooling technology allows the temperature to be adjusted and there are variations in different sectors of the stadium.

The use of the World Cup stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, in Al Rayyan, will host seven World Cup games, six in the first round and one in the 16th round. Among the scheduled clashes is the duel between England and Wales, in addition to Belgium v ​​Croatia.

the vacancy is lacking

Tomorrow (14), the final classified for the World Cup in Qatar will be announced. The dispute will take place between Costa Rica and New Zealand, also at 15:00 (Brazilian time)

2022 World Cup Qualifiers – Intercontinental Playoff
Venue: Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Doha (Qatar)
Date/Time: 6/13/2022, 3:00 pm (Brazilian time)
Referee: Slavko Vincic (ESL)
Assistants: Tomaz Klancnik and Andraz Kovacic (ESL)
Yellow cards: Atkinson (AUS)
goals: –

Australia: Mathew Ryan (Redmayne), Atkinson (Karacic), Wright, Rowles and Behich (Goodwin); Mooy, Irvine, Boyle and Hrustic; Mitch Duke (Mabil) and Mathew Leckie (MacLaren). Coach: Graham Arnold.

Peru: Gallese, Advíncula, Zambrano, Callens and Trauco; Tapia, Peña (Aquino), Gonzáles, Carrillo (Flores) and Cueva (Valera); Lapadula. Coach: Ricardo Gareca.

*The reporter will travel at the invitation of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

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