Atltico vs. Flamengo, Sunday, in Mineiro: the D -day of Turco Mohamed – Kelen Cristina

Turkish Mohamed is under a lot of pressure in the Atlantic (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

Atltico vs Flamengo is a game that, in itself, brings a lot of concern. You don’t have to have a title in dispute. Any confrontation will get an air of decision, rivalry between fans and expectations about the outcome. It looks like it costs more than three points for a win. This Sunday is of great value. For Antonio Mohamed, especially.

It looks like this Argentine D-day is already planned in Galo.

Any result other than victory will rule the end of Turkey’s season and the start of a new attempt to reunite alvinegro with the strong and efficient football already shown by these same players-and that has been forgotten for some time.

The red-black win, in turn, means new breath for the coach, until the next ripple begins and so does the pressure.

At this point, it’s not so hard to imagine what will happen from now on. Football is sometimes very predictable. Turco will continue this rollercoaster ride, with the ups and downs defined according to the team’s result. It is wrong to evaluate any work in a timely manner by the results.

The problem for the Argentine, in this case, is that the overall context is also not in his favor. Turk’s Atletico have failed to mesh for five months. Worse: he won’t give the perspective he can show any more.

In his most recent interview, he requested that the team’s performance be under his evaluation at the end of the year, the period of the contract the club will sign upon his arrival in January. This is the ideal – and utopian – world for football, especially in Brazil. Waiting for the completion of a job to analyze whether it is working or not. And point out where the mistakes are.

Within four lines, it doesn’t work that way. The coach evaluates from the first game. And it continues to be used according to the order in which it is established. Salvation is done step by step. It’s not right, but the truth is, clear and raw.

Along these lines, a coach can stay in position, even if the results are not positive, through two scenarios: demonstrating a pattern of play with insights or through strong conviction on the club board. Neither of these two favor the Atletico commander at this point, either.

In addition to the team repeating the problems in the matches, it is already known that there is no consensus at the alvinegra summit regarding its continuation. This combination of factors is always fatal.

Lisca reveals Cuca’s conversation

Interestingly, coach Lisca, ex-America, revealed in an interview on the podcast “Dus 2”, on YouTube, this week, that Cuca is already planning hardships for Atltico in 2022.

According to Lisca, Cuca tells the stories behind the scenes in Rooster’s most successful year, and some don’t look good. “A lot of things from inside the dressing room don’t come out. He’s trying to manage a group, everyone wants to play. You have to see the stories he’s telling me”, he said, not giving inside conversation. his companion.

With this declaration, Lisca leaves questions that have yet to arise.

At the very least, the impression is that there seems to be no problem in the relationship between Mohamed and the players. In each interview, the athletes, from the youngest to the most experienced, sought to express the coach’s satisfaction, despite the failures on the field.

Turkish Mohamed | It’s also very ethical in this sense, taking responsibility for the team’s low productivity, while having a technician who, at the time of collection, shares in the group’s losses. He is not. Always maintain peace and positive speech.
The truth is that few people know everything that happens inside a club. Whether the Turk is the cause or the consequence of such instability in the Atlantic, it is not possible to correct.

What is clear is that he does not see a pattern of play for the alvinegra team. The defense is weak, the midfield can’t fight or create and the attack can’t score.

The problems have been around for a long time, but they have become more apparent in the team’s four games without wins, in duels with Palmeiras, Fluminense, Santos and Cear.

The game against Flamengo, on Sunday, got an extra element. Against one of Atltico’s biggest rivals in its history, Turco Mohamed has a map of his future at Atltico. Every minute, until the last whistle, can be decisive. And he really knows it.

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