Atltico picks up Atltico-GO and the Brazilian tries to scare away a phase

Photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

The Hulk has been penalized against Bragantino and will return to the team this Saturday

Atlético fans are no longer used to helping the team in times of instability. Since mid-2020, the team has been fighting for the cap in every competition it plays. But after a bad start to the Brazilian Championship, Alvinegro tries to scare the stage. With the help of the Independence masses, Galo receives the Atltico-GO runner-up this Saturday at 7pm to finish the four-match unbeaten run in the competition.

After starting with two victories, Atltico dropped in performance in the Brazilian Championship. They have gone four games in a row without a win, three draws and one defeat. But despite the bad times, Turkish coach Mohamed said the team had managed to turn it around and played a good game against Bragantino, away from home, last Wednesday, 1-1.

Named a favorite at the start of the competition, Atltico is only sixth in the Brazilian Championship – Galok has one more match than most competitors. Tonight’s opponent didn’t start well either. Goiasko is the runner-up with three draws in five games.

Captain Junior Alonso, who completed 100 games with Bragantino in his Athletic shirt, expects a complicated match. The Paraguayan has imagined that the Goiás team will play very well in Independência and Galo has to be patient tonight to break the opponent’s block.

“I think Goianien will play forever. Try to close the lines, be a competitive team. It’s also very important against someone. Last year, they won at home, 2 to 1. Everyone remembers that. But we have. Have a great match and their lines “We also know that it’s not going to be an easy game. We know we’re not going to play a game of independence.

Photographs of the mantle of Massa III, from the Atlantic


Turkish coach Mohamed approved Atltico’s performance in the draw with Massa Bruta, mainly due to the team’s performance in the second half. Seeing this, the Argentine coach can repeat almost the entire lineup of the last game.

The only change would be the return of the Gunner Hulk. RB was penalized against Bragantino and could not play. Eduardo Sasha was chosen for the job.


Goiás is still looking for its first victory in the Brazilian Championship. It’s important to have a positive result tonight, especially since the team comes from Goisen’s classic defeat.

Coach Umberto Louzer has confirmed his absence against Atltico. Jorginho is a midfielder who was penalized for receiving a third yellow card. The insides should be your replacement.



Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Jair, Zaracho and Nacho Fernndez; Keno and the Hulk

technician: Turkish Mohamed


Ronaldo; Hayner, Ramon Menezes, Wanderson, and Jefferson; Marlon Freitas, Baralhas and Shaylon; Lo Pereira, Luiz Fernando and Wellington Rato

technician: Umberto Louzer

The reason: 6th round of the Brazilian Championship

Studio: independence

Date and time: Saturday, May 14 at 7 p.m.

Referee: Anderson Daronco (FIFA / RS)

Contributors: Rafael da Silva Alves (FIFA / RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS)

VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)

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