Atlético puts tickets at a “popular price” for Sunday’s match against Flemish; watch – Radio Itatiaia

Next week will be an ‘overdose’ of Atlético x Flamingo, in Belo Horizonte. On Sunday (19), the two teams face off for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship; in the second, for the 13th day of the Brasileirão Feminino, in a match played at Arena Independência; and on Wednesday (22) for the first leg of the Brazilian Cup quarter-finals. For the first match, at 16:00, in Gigante da Pampulha, the alvinegro wanted to improve the value of the tickets, to attract Massa.

Tickets from R $ 30 for members of Galo na Veia, sales will start this Thursday (May 16) and the sale of two additional tickets per member will be accepted, both with the same discount, one with the purchase. the holder of the plan, and another after the sale to the general public, according to the scale below, and with the same discount.

CHECK-IN – ANNUAL CARD (Season ticket)

Opening: 6/16 (8h)
Closing date: 6/19 (1:00 p.m.)

Important: If you do not check in within the set time limit, you will not be charged for your CNG card with your outgoing card.

Stadium access:

• CNG card members: present the CNG card (when billing, your card will have the necessary data load to enter the stadium);

• Non-CNG card members: Present the card (voucher), necessarily in the digital format of the Smartphone.

Printed entries will not be accepted.

6/16 (12:00) Additional Annual Admission (Season Ticket) – Maximum 2 tickets
6/16 (13:00) Strong and Avenger CNG / Black CNG / International CNG / + 1 add-on
6/16 (20:00) CNG Silver / + 1 Supplement
6/17 (9h) White CNG / Club CNG / +1 Extra
6/17 (11:00) MRV Arena / +1 Extra
6/17 (12:00) All audiences + 2. Extra Strong and Avenger CNG / Black CNG / International CNG
6/17 (14:00) 2. CNG Silver Extra
6/17 (16:00) 2. Addition GNV White / Club GNV
6/17 (18:00) 2nd Area MRV Supplement

Online sales will close: 6/19 (13:00)



Upper orange (F gate) / Lower orange (F gate) / Upper yellow (C gate) / Lower yellow (C gate)

Black CNG / Strong and Avenger CNG / International: BRL 30.10

Silver GNC: BRL 38.70

White CNG / CNG clubs: BRL 43.00

Additional: same category holder discount

Additional Annual Income: BRL 30.10

Non-members: R $ 86.00

Top red (door D) and bottom red (door E)

Black CNG / Strong and Avenger CNG / International: R $ 40.60

Silver GNC: BRL 52.20

White CNG / CNG Clubs: BRL 58.00

Additional: same category holder discount

Additional Annual Income: BRL 40.60

Non-members: R $ 116.00

Purple top (doors A and B – cannot pass between doors)

Black CNG / Strong and Avenger CNG / International: 49.00

Silver GNC: BRL 63.00

White CNG / CNG Club: R $ 70.00

Additional: same category holder discount

Additional Annual Income: BRL 49.00

Non-members: R $ 140.00

Purple ground floor (door A)

Black CNG / Strong and Avenger CNG / International: R $ 75.60

Silver GNC: BRL 97.20

White CNG / CNG Clubs: BRL 108.00

Additional: same category holder discount

Additional Annual Income: BRL 75.60

Non-members: R $ 216.00

Discounts for Galo na Veia members do not accrue at half the sale price.



6/17 (Friday): 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Labareda

6/19 (Saturday): 11:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., in Mineirão

Methods of payment for physical sales: credit and debit cards and cash

Half-ticket price – Only one half-ticket price per ticket is sold by submitting the required purchase and stadium ticket documentation:

Warning: Only original documents will be accepted.

Students: Identity card and student ID.

Over 60s and under 12s: CPF ID.

CNG Children

For those who have purchased the GNV Kids Annual Package, it is necessary to check in within the period specified above, along with the check holder of the plan.

For those who have not purchased the GNV Kids Annual Package, the holder of the GNV Kids Card Application Plan must do so at the time of purchase.

Please note: Tickets for GNV Kids are only available for availability and only for the same card as the card purchased by the cardholder.

free for children

The collection of donations for children guaranteed by law will take place at Clube Labareda (Portugal Av., 4020 – Itapoã – BH) on 6/17 (Friday), from 11:00 to 18:00, in accordance with the procedures established by the public authorities. availability;

Removal may only be carried out by the parents or legal guardians of a minor under the age of 12 by presenting the identity card of the parent / guardian and the minor. (Original Document or Authenticated Copy).

Heads up:

– It is mandatory for the minor’s documents to be under the age of 12.

– It is mandatory to carry a card valid for the same sector of the gift to be withdrawn;

– Free withdrawal is exclusively for children under 12, so it does not apply to people over 60 or PCD and their friends.


Online ( 16/6 (13:00) 18/03/2018 (13:00)

– The digital card to be presented on the mobile phone can only be downloaded from 12:00 on 6/19.

– Digital card entitles you to single access.

Personal sales (if not online):

6/18 (11:00 to 17:00): South Mineirão box office

6/19 (11:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.): Intergration Ramp box office

Sectors: Lower Yellow and Upper Yellow

Visitor Gate: B1 (access via Mineirinho and Integration Road)

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