Atletico-MG’s sponsors’ statements have shocked fans online

Credit: Outreach / Atletico

Last Tuesday, the Athletic Board of Directors unanimously approved the sale of the remaining 49.9% of Diamond Mall. The decision was made because the club intends to pay off its heavy debts and thus bear the huge interest paid over the years.

There were a total of 384 votes in favor of the sale, plus three votes against – two councilors who voted “no” after the wrong choice – and one abstention.

in an interview Itatiaia RadioRafael Menin, vice president of the Athletic Deliberation Council, lists the benefits the club will have from the sale of the company.

“The council understood the importance of the second phase of the sale of the shopping center for the future of the club. We are undergoing a restructuring process, improving the club’s sporting performance on a daily basis, by building the MRV Arena, an investment planned for CT. On the administrative side, a lot is being done. We can’t ignore financial organization, ”he said.

“It’s a big boost to put Wales on a completely different level, in fact, it’s the rest of the Diamond Mall sales. It is a very good asset and it was very important for the club, but now we have a good goal for this resource to make even better use of the Galo level, so that every year we can become a more prominent club. “

Menin’s words moved fans on social media. Many see the club significantly reduce its debt, which now stands at more than 1 billion. In addition, in the long run, Galo will always be able to keep the team competitive, a topic that is very interesting for Atletico.

The market

De la Cruz has priority over two Brazilian clubs

According to journalist Raisa Simplicio, De la Cruz would like to play in Europe. However, it has not yet received any bids from the European continent and will evaluate any projects it may receive. At the same time, he doesn’t rule out staying in the River.

Raisa also reported that there are two priority clubs for Brazil’s De la Cruz staff: Atlético-MG and Palmeiras. The information encouraged fans of both teams.

The competition should raise De la Cruz’s future salary

Initially, River is trying to renew his contract, but for now there is no move to ensure the survival of De la Cruz. With so much competition, it’s likely that the values ​​associated with a possible purchase and the monthly earnings are even more valued.

Currently, De la Cruz receives about a million reais from the Argentine club. The information is from journalist Jorge Nicola.

“It is wrong to think that De la Cruz is close to being free will be a cheap operation. Currently, the Uruguayan midfielder earns BRL 900,000 a month. And in the face of competition from the Brazilian national team, it is natural that his salary is inflated and he is entitled to gloves, this traditional award for signing a contract, and it will become much more expensive from 2023 onwards, ”said Nicola. a column on super sports.

Luan back?

In an interview with Itatia, Luan admitted that he would like to return to Atletico. To put on a white shirt again, he would have to accept a “basic basic” contract to show that he still has “burning wood”.

“Of course I want to play [no Atlético], but has a professional side. Make a basic contract to play and see if I’m okay. I have a lot of confidence in myself, ”he said.

“It simply came to our notice then [em voltar]? It would be unfair for me to say no. Everyone has a chance to return and I hope to get that second chance to wear that shirt. I know the responsibility is much greater, there are top level players. But if I have the chance, I will do my best and honor as always, ”he said.

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