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This Sunday, at 16:00 (Brazilian time), Atlético-MG and Flamen will face off for the Brazilian Championship in Mineirão. Both teams, along with Palmeiras, make up the tripod of favorites in major competitions in recent years. Because of the last quarrel and “fights” between clubs, the competition was already old, gaining more components.

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The teams continue to play in the quarter-finals of the Brazilian Cup on Wednesday, also in the capital of the Minas Gerais region. In times of turmoil, clubs are full of reason for a tense and competitive confrontation.

Atlético-MG x Flamengo: increased off-field “treatment” for duel – Photo: InfoEsporte

Since last year, there have been several controversial episodes between the two clubs. be Conflict between managers, rejection notice, confusion in the locker room and also indirectly between players on social media. This year’s Super Cup final further intensified the competitive atmosphere between the teams, after Atletico won on penalties.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of the game for a price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

The rivalry between Athletic and Flamingo really moved the team. It’s not just the provocations of social media fans that fuel the atmosphere of confrontation. The two top scorers for each club have also been impressed on social media.

The indirect started after the match between Atletico-MG and Coritiba, for this year’s Brazilian Championship. Hulk was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent’s quick free kick after 80 minutes. Not being sent off caused a backlash from the fans Flamenco, he questioned whether the court’s decision would not have been different if Gabigol had been absent.

Review the yellow card against Hulk, Atletico-MG, Coritiba

Gabigol responded to one of these comments from a flamenco player on Twitter, mocking the Hulk for the yellow card. According to the fan, Gabi would have been sent off if he had been a criminal on the pitch.

“(If I’m) Red card, 25 games break .. and attack the police station directly” – jokes Gabriel

The Hulk responded to Gabriel via social media, explaining the move and even accusing his colleague of “taking advantage” of the T-shirt 7’s media. The striker recalled that the decision of the pitch was confirmed by the VAR in the examination of the offer.

Hulk responds to Gabigol – Photo: Play / Instagram

And it didn’t end there! Despite not mentioning the Atlético player directly, Gabigol once again teased him on social media, stating that Hulk did not know how to interpret the text. The athlete decided not to give up any more, but the “discussion” was enough Focus on social media with an atmosphere of competition between players and clubs.

Understand what happened between Gabigol and the Hulk on social media

Understand what happened between Gabigol and the Hulk on social media

Barbarian exchange between the Super Cup and the directors

Prior to the Super Cup, this year Atletico appeared against the CBF’s planned match for Cuiabá. Atletico president Sérgio Coelho used social media to oppose CBF’s choice of Arena Pantanal, accusing him of supporting the Karioka club.

Rodrigo Dunshee, Vice President Flamencohe decided to join the discussion once again (We’ll talk about the previous bullshit in another post.) and criticized the attitude of President Galo. Rio de Janeiro group leader Sérgio Coelho provoked him by saying he did not deserve “more attention”.

“There are people who say so much nonsense that they don’t deserve more attention,” Dunsh said of Sérgio Coelho on social media.

Rodrigo Dunshee, Vice President General and Legal of Flamenco – Photo: Marcelo Baltar

Sergio Coelho still hit and provoked Dunshee Flamenco saying “each vulture knows the height of the flight that reaches its capacity.” in an interview gethe President of Galo called the VP of Flamenco “court jester”.

– There is a lobby, dressed as a vice president of a group in Rio, which fails to act – and lacks respect and courtesy – giving the role of a court jester. Better: “court parrot.” That’s the kind of puppet that everyone else uses to send messages, “said Sergio Coelho ge.

Sérgio Coelho, President of Atletico-MG – Photo: Lucas Maia / TV Globo

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The controversy between Galo and the director Flamenco

In October 2021, before the previous “pretense”, Rodrigo Dunshee, Flamengo’s vice-president and legal representative, had already taken part in another episode with Galo.. Through social media, he demanded a severe punishment for Atletico, Atlético-MG and Santos match for alleged violence.

According to Paulo Roberto Alves Junior, 41 minutes in the 1st half, Football manager Rodrigo Caetano would throw “kicks and punches at the door of the VOR room”. (video operating room). The Flemish leader called for “harsh punishments for invaders / attackers” on social media.

“(…) There can be only one consequence: the loss of control of the area and the harsh punishments of the invaders / attackers,” Roberto Dunshe said in a Twitter post.

Due to Dunshee’s statements, Atletico also issued a statement rejecting the flamenco player’s criticism, accusing the statement of being “disguised and insidious”. The club also denied the attitude of coach Rodrigo Caetano in the match.

“The era of off-field maneuvers and favors is over!” said Atletico in a statement

In a summary of Rodrigo Caetano and Eudes Pedro Galo x Santos – Photo: Reproduction / CBF

Athletic fans banned from the Maracanã

Also in October last year, Atletico-MG and Flamenco They faced off for the Brazilian Maracanã Championship, and Rubro-Negro won 1-0.. Before the match, the Galo fans stopped at the entrance of the stadium. The match did not sell tickets for the visiting sector, so thousands of sports bought tickets for sectors that were flamenco fans.

“Only those who have a ticket to the sector can enter. If you bought a ticket for Flamenco fans, you took the risk. Orders are coming from above,” a PM told Galo fans.

An exclusive entrance for mining fans has been arranged to prevent clashes between fans. However, a few hours before the match, the police prevented the Atletico players from entering this gate and ordered them to enter through the entrance indicated on the card. The move sparked outrage among Gallo fans..

Highlights: Flamengo 1 x 0 Atletico-MG for the 29th day of the Brasileirão

Highlights: Flamengo 1 x 0 Atletico-MG for the 29th day of the Brasileirão

Confusion in access to locker rooms

The game was characterized by rough play and many physical challenges on the wet field, but fc showed great heart and had a good game. At the end of the match, coach Cuca and the Athletic players rebelled against the Flamenco staff after a possible provocation at the start.

Keno, from Atletico, also provoked rivals by saying “we are the leaders” and Cuca pushed and pointed his finger in front of one of the stadium’s security guards. From the pictures, there was no Rubro-Negro player in the mix. (Check out the confusion in the video below).

Confusion after winning against Flamengo Atlético-MG

Confusion after winning against Flamengo Atlético-MG

Junior Alonso’s provocation

Atlético-MG was the 2021 Brazilian champion playing in Fonte Nova against Bahia. Although not on the Flamenco field, Athletic defender Júnior Alonso decided to tease his current rival. During the celebration inside the locker room, the player made a live broadcast on social media and said “Suck it, Flamenco” to the camera.

Junior Alonso provokes Flamenco live after the title: “Chupa, Flamengo” – Photo: Reproduction / Social media

In the midst of all this provocation and “madness” between Atlético-MG and Flamingo, a Brazilian duel and the decision of the eighteen have promised to add another section to the recent history of this match. Regardless of the winner of the match, it is to be hoped that the provocations will not be the evolution of violence and the focus of the game on clean football.

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