Atlético have the 4th worst defense in Serie A and will make changes against Santos

Photo: Marcelo Gonalves / Fluminense

Germn Cano scored two goals for Fluminens in Atltico’s 5-3 defeat

Considered by many to be one of the pillars of a multi-tournament team in 2021, Atltico’s defense system has been criticized in 2022. With 13 goals, Galo has and should be the 4th worst defender in Serie A in the Brazilian Championship. changes o For the 11th matchday in front of Santos on Saturday (11) at 19:00 in Mineiro.

Only Juventude, Botafogo and Ava conceded more goals in the Brazilian than Atltico. The team gacho the vice lantern, scoring 17 goals; The Cariocas are in 15th place with 15 goals, and Leo is in 16th place with 15 draws.

“El Turco” was already criticizing the defensive work of coach Mohamed. The Argentine coach is trying to change the philosophy of Galo in terms of Cuca’s work, which is to score on higher pitches and put more aggressive pressure after losing in order to try to regain possession as soon as possible.

Emelec fans show confidence in the duel against Atltico

The problem is that the team has had difficulty assimilating the new strategy. Against Fluminense, on several occasions, Atltico showed problems of compaction when it came to obstructing the opponent’s elimination: with quick triangulations, Tricolor relieved the pressure and found large gaps between the white lines to advance with the ball.

The pressure after the loss was also insignificant. When the ball was lost, Galo piled up players from the sector trying to close the pass lines next to the opponent, but they had little coordination in their movements and, for the most part, allowed Fernando Diniz’s team to get out of the “war zone”. “without much difficulty.

Rapid transitions (counterattacks) to opponent attacks have also been an issue. It’s not uncommon to see Atltico counterattack in numerical inferiority moves, with defensive midfielders advancing on the field and a wide gap to cover in front of the defensive line.

Finally, another account for directing control of defensive depth. That is, control of the space allotted to the rear of the defensive line. Diniz’s team managed several vertical passes in the back of Galo’s defense, which left goalkeeper Everson in the hands-on situation of the Fluminens strikers. “El Turco” Mohamed’s headache.

Changes against Santos

On the left, Rubens should leave the team to return the incumbent and candidate Guilherme Arana. If he chooses to change the defensive configuration even further, El Turco could encourage the return of Guga, who was praised for his good work, instead of Mariano on the right.

Despite criticism of Allan and Jair’s recent defensive performance, there is a tendency for both of them to continue in the starting lineup against Santos. If you want to choose a player with a higher aim in the sector, Mohamed can support Otvio’s entry, but that is an impossible alternative.

In the attack, other changes may occur. Keno’s return puts Eduardo Sasha’s last title at stake. Ademir, who comes from a bad play on the right wing, can leave the team. In this case, Svio appears to be the safest replacement.

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