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Positive test for Covid-19

In the face of the growing number of covid-19 cases across the country, the population fears a new wave of pollution. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Brazil has experienced three peaks of pollution – initially, still in 2020 -; In 2021, with the advent of the delta variant, and in early 2022, when Omicron exploded its indexes again.

Experts agree that the main reasons for the increase in question cases are the suspension of health measures. There are still few regions that require the use of masks, and again agglomerations are allowed, such as concerts, parties and football matches. Jaime Rocha, a specialist in infectious diseases and a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) School of Medicine, says, however, that we will have to wait a little longer to determine what the real scenario is.

“It’s true that we can only assess the waves after a period of time, checking whether there has been a reduction or an increase. to one or the other, but with absolute certainty, vaccines were a great transformation of this scenario, ”he says.

“So far, we have not seen an explosion of hospitalized cases, (serious) cases or in the ICU.

Igor Thiago, a doctor from the Brazilian Association of Infectious Diseases of Rio Grande do Norte, recalled that autumn and winter are seasons that facilitate the increase of respiratory infections, with or without covid-19.

“We are experiencing a seasonal variation in the respiratory virus, which is always occurring at this time of year, from May to July, the coldest season. It is obvious not to get vaccinated. Fortunately, mortality remains very low, beyond expectations, ”he said.

Among the potential for infection by more than one virus, Rocha cites tests as the main weapon of the population at this time, especially at a time when it is possible to receive results without leaving home.

“People have put masks aside, in general care, and more than that, because these are milder symptoms, they are often not tested, and without testing, they are not isolated, infecting many people, and that circuit is perpetuated. The certainty is that the vaccine should be given, and if the person has any respiratory symptoms, they should be tested. There are many other viruses circulating in the winter, and there is no way to differentiate them from each other.

Health specialist Gilberto Martin Berguio does not think it is possible, largely due to vaccinations, that scenes like the last two years will be revived. On the other hand, he believes that the pandemic is still a long way off, although vaccination is a major obstacle in this fight.

“I don’t think we’re going to live in a time like the pandemic, because we’ve vaccinated a large part of the population, and that’s a big obstacle to the virus not being as intense as it was last time. it will allow the virus to circulate with less intensity, ”he says.

“These people without vaccines have a greater range of progression in the evolution of the virus. The concern in the air is that as the virus circulates it finds a place to reproduce at will, and every time you spread the virus there is a risk of a new variant.

The specialist sees the current situation as a “turning point” and demands attention from the population.

“I understand that we are experiencing a kind of turning point. It is in the process of reducing the pandemic, which does not mean a process of closure or recovery. It is not over and I think it is far from over,” he says. .

“It’s a worrying time. It’s like a foggy road. It’s been a fall, but it’s there before, and we don’t know if it’s a fall that will take us to a plain, or. An ascent. we are preparing, at least for the duration of the pandemic, to make it as tragic and aggressive as possible. ”

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