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In addition to the new MacBook and the upcoming iOS 16 features, Apple also took advantage of the inaugural WWDC 2022 event to announce its other iPad, Mac and Apple Watch systems.

New features include real-time collaboration and resizable windows for iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, as well as new watchOS 9 clock frames and activity trackers. They will be updated in the second half of the year.

iPad: Collaboration and Windows

The first new feature is the New Collaboration feature. With iPadOS 16, when you share editable files from Pages and Notes, you can select contacts to edit files with you in real time.

This is how Google Docs and Microsoft document editing programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint currently work. For now, the feature only works with Apple programs, but external developers may start integrating the new feature into their applications.

An example of real-time collaboration on the iPad

Image: Disclosure / Apple

Another new feature is the Freeform app, which will soon be released for iPad, iPhone and Mac. It is basically a digital whiteboard for making sketches and brainstorming in groups, which allows you to draw, write and import files with a pencil or finger, such as photos and documents.

WWDC 2022: Freeform app on iPad - Playback - Playback

Freeform preview on iPad

Image: Reproduction

“Stage Manager”, a new feature for managing windows for Macs, will also come to the iPad. In the next update, you can resize the application windows and use two at a time, one at the front and one at the back, without having to evenly distribute the screen. Stage Manager lets you group applications in the background so that they always open together.

WWDC 2022: Stage Manager on iPad - Outreach / Apple - Outreach / Apple

Preview the app with Windows Stage Manager on iPad

Image: Disclosure / Apple

Some iOS 16 features will also come to iPadOS 16, such as iCloud shared photo gallery, unsubscribe from sent messages, SharePlay enhancements, Live Text, and more. This update will be available for:

  • iPad Pro (all models);
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later);
  • iPad (5th generation and later);
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later).

Apple Watch: Clock faces, medicines, and activities

Few changes to watchOS 9: Larger icons, some features have changed position for easier access. The main novelty is the dial gallery, which has four new options:

  • The Moon, inspired by the timing of the phases of the Moon (with Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic calendar options);
  • Metropolitano, which allows you to customize the dial numbers of dials;
  • Recreio, in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton;
  • Astronomy, which takes advantage of the size of the screen to show cloud coverage around the world.
WWDC 2022: Apple Watch New Faces - Outreach / Apple - Outreach / Apple

New Apple Watch faces

Image: Disclosure / Apple

In terms of fitness and health, there’s more news: new activity data viewing features and a feature for custom activity editing, intensity tracking, and recovery cycles.

WWDC 2022: Apple Watch - Playback - Playback

New perspectives on Apple Watch activities

Image: Reproduction

In addition, Apple has announced that the Fitness app will be available for all iPhones, including the Apple Watch. The app will use your phone’s sensors to calculate your calorie loss, number of steps, and more, without the need for a tracking clock.

WWDC 2022: Fitness app will be released for all iPhones - Playback - Playback

The fitness app will only work with iPhones, even without the Apple Watch

Image: Reproduction

The Apple Watch will also show more sleep data, such as time spent on each stage (depth, REM, and more). And the new drug app will allow you to monitor your medication schedule as well as receive alerts about the dangers of drug interactions.

WWDC 2022: Sleep and Medication on the Apple Watch - Handbook / Apple - Handbook / Apple

New sleep tracking and medication tracking options with Apple Watch medications

Image: Disclosure / Apple

With the new system, patients with atrial fibrillation will be able to follow more details of their heartbeat, but this feature is still awaiting approval from the U.S. health care organization, so it should not be expanded worldwide.

watchOS is expected to arrive in the second half of the year 9 and requires an iPhone 8 or later with iOS 16 or later, as well as one of the following watch models:

  • Apple Watch Series 4;
  • Apple Watch Series 5;
  • Apple Watch SE;
  • Apple Watch Series 6;
  • Apple Watch 7 Series.

Mac: windows, passwords, and games

The new operating system for Apple computers will be called macOS Ventura. The main novelty is the aforementioned “Stage Manager” feature, which allows you to compile applications into a sidebar in the background.

Stage Manager in macOS Ventura - Outreach / Apple - Outreach / Apple

MacOS Venture Stage Manager

Image: Disclosure / Apple

Spotlight can now fill the full macOS screen. The novelty also applies to iPads. On iPhone, Spotlight will live on a button at the bottom of the screen where you control your background pages.

The email app has also got new features: scheduling email delivery, canceling a message you’ve just sent, requesting an email alert, and billing suggestions for unanswered emails.

In Safari, the novelty is the ability to share tabs with friends and share browsing in real time via iMessage or FaceTime. The main change, however, is a feature that Apple expects to delete passwords: passwords.

When you sign in to an app or website, the system creates a unique code that is associated with your device. This code is not communicated to you, so it cannot be stolen in a phishing scam or stored on a server, so it cannot be filtered.

Apple’s graphics processing system was also upgraded. With a Metal 3 and M2 processor, it’s a promise of better-looking games that load faster. To prove its promise, Apple has teamed up with Japanese gaming studio to bring the game “Resident Evil: Village” to macOS.

According to Capcom, the title runs in high definition on any Mac with an Apple processor, from MacBook Air to Mac Studio.

Another novelty that caught our attention is the Follow camera function. This means that you can now use iPhone cameras as Mac webcams with a magnet holder. “Connect” your iPhone to the top of your MacBook and automatically start using your phone’s camera to make video calls.

WWDC: Using Mac's iPhone Webcam - Disclosure / Apple - Disclosure / Apple
Image: Disclosure / Apple

iPhone and Mac accessories will be produced by Apple and Belkin, and should be released later this year. According to the company, you can use any updated iPhone as a webcam, not just the latest ones. The connection is made wirelessly, and if you don’t have support, you can use it.

macOS Ventura will arrive in the second half of the year for the following computers:

  • iMac (2017 and later);
  • iMac Pro (2017);
  • MacBook Air (2018 and later);
  • MacBook Pro (2017 and later);
  • Mac Pro (2019 and later);
  • Mac mini (2018 and later);
  • MacBook (2017 and later).

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