António Oliveira hails Cuiabá’s victory, but he is cautious: ‘Foot on the ground to achieve goals’ – 06/08/2022

At coach António Oliveira’s first press conference, after the 1-0 win against the Corinthians, the coach clarified his satisfaction with the team but showed a lot of grounded in continuing to work and showing more results.

When asked about the club’s visions, the coach clarified that everything happens through sacrifices, not miracles, and believes more time is needed for the implementation of a more consistent game.


+ The changes took effect and Cuiabá achieved a solid victory

-All the challenges I accept are to win, and in this vision I believe a lot in the players, I believe a lot in this team, I believe a lot in the vision that the president has for this club and a lot I believe. of my work and the quality and talent of our team.players. From this perspective, there are no miracles, there is work, there is sacrifice, spirit of sacrifice, unity. Now, more from an organizational point of view, the players are responsible for this win, so I’m proud of them.

-But like I said too, for me, it’s always 10 minutes of joy and 10 minutes of frustration when it’s the opposite result. Tomorrow is another day and we have to keep working, because we hardly have any training time, that’s a fact, a reality, where with the density of competition we get, especially now at this time, we want to give this team a face, that is, we will do a pre-season within the competition period, but I am one of those who does not look for excuses, look for results and in this perspective i believe a lot in the quality of the players, who will continue to work because saturday has another strong opponent, is well oriented and we want to answer, what are our ambitions.

Commenting on the opponent, António Oliveira praised the Corinthians team and its coach, once again showing his foot on the ground to continue well in the championship.

-I’m not kidding, it’s just a game, just 3 points, against a good club, with a lot of people I respect very much. A very good team led by a great coach that I admire very much, which is Vitor Pereira. As I said, only 3 points, we will keep working and that is why I believe we can achieve our goal and ambition and give a face to this club, especially this team and these players who deserve it.

Defeating the current championship leader, along with the consistent style of play pleased the coach who pointed out that the win was fair, and that the team could still extend the leave with a better result.

-In my opinion it was a fair win, we knew how to control the game without the ball and we had a chance to hurt the opponent with some clear scoring opportunities, with little accuracy in the last third that we could even build another. result. But despite the short time we have tried to prepare in the best possible way for this competition and this opponent, I think it was a completely fair win for a team above all. many ran, fought many, had a great spirit of sacrifice, great. unity.

António Oliveira clarified his satisfaction with the players, and that this game is just the result of training, and he believes more weeks of training are needed to consolidate the team in the best way, and keep the goal in focus.

-I think the Cuiabá fans already know me, I’m not new here, I’ve worn the shirts of the two big teams here in Brazil. Obviously look primarily at the characteristics of the players and put in place a game that develops and values ​​them as players in order to form a good organization. So in this view we have a face, whoever the opponent is, it is clear that from opponent to opponent there is a strategy that we can change to one nuance or another, but our offensive patterns that part is very clear. .

-We need and will need a lot of work and a lot of repetition to fully consolidate. But I wasn’t fooled, it was only 3 points to a good team, feet on the ground, we didn’t win and we knew what football was like and in life we ​​could quickly go from 8 to 80 and from 80 to 8, in a flash. So what we want is to build a happy team that will always win because I believe that happy teams will always win. But now, most of all, I want to value and express my pride in these players because in the short term and basically with almost strategic training and an implementation plan that is almost against the clock, obviously not it’s strong at all and or more or less normal we take 5 to 6 weeks, it’s not an exercise for sure.

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-I think they are trying to implement in the best possible way what is being asked, they are clearly wrong, we will improve, we will correct, until we get to an optimistic point, even if we are closer to that, more we are fast. achieve this success, so what I want is to express the how proud I am of them, they are responsible for the victory, I just ask for their humility because they are the champion, rest and well, recover and focus, concentrate. again what training and saturday we are here with the same mission, with the same fight for 3 points

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