‘Angelo made a difference and changed the game’; see notes from Santos

Facing Atlético-MG in Mineirão is already a big challenge; to a small player, then, it can be a very difficult task. This Saturday (11), Santos overcame adversity and got a heroic 1-1 draw in Galo for Brasileirão. One of the main ones responsible for the result was a 17-year-old boy: Ângelo, who entered the second period, but had ample time to change the game.

on live from Santosprogram in UOL Esporte after Peixe’s matches, journalists Gabriela Brino and Maurício Barros highlighted Ângelo’s performance, which entered the second half and basis of Peixe’s reaction. Angulo was disappointed again and questioned his title.

“It’s a surprise that he’s on the pitch now and what a difference it has made. It’s nice to see him play. He’s physically ready to come back and he’s changed the game. This 17-year-old has the character of a veteran It’s amazing how he can’t feel the atmosphere of the game, which is even more complicated and difficult: away from home and with a little something.

Ângelo has not played for more than a month after suffering a leg injury. The young striker entered the game shortly after Lucas Pires was sent off, when the score appeared 1-0 for Atlético-MG. With him on the field, Peixe was more aggressive on the attack, forcing the hosts, getting the tie and having chances to get the score back.

If Ângelo is the judge for Santos, Angulo has angered the fans. “Angulo and Ângelo are creatures from different planets. Angulo re-entered as a starter, replaced Marcos Leonardo and Leo Baptistão, and did nothing. For me, this was the only negative point of coach Fabián Bustos .I don’t understand this formation ”he said.

See notes for Santos players and coaches:

john paul

Maurício – He plays a good game and can’t be blamed on goal. Made some good saves – 7

Brino – He’s not Santos’ main player, but he does well when needed. 7


Mauritius – no grade

Brino – Playing a little – no grade


Maurício – Safe and deceptive in digging punishment – 7.5

Brino – No Fault. Assisted the ball – 7.5

Eduardo Bauermann

Maurício – Against a very dangerous attack, he won all the arguments from above. It was so beautiful- 8

Brino – I’m rooted in his goal, because he tries all the time. It’s a very good offensive – 8

Lucas Pires

Maurício – He’s not the offensive and useful player, but he plays right. Expulsion is a contingency in the defensive system that marks failure – 5.5

Brino – Very good before expulsion. Assisted in the attack. Dismissed but had to do it – 5

Rodrigo Fernandez

Maurício – He doesn’t have a great game. lost footprint –

Brino – At the appointment, no one. Got a job, but made a good mark – 7


Maurício – Very good. It’s very technical – 6.5

Brino – It’s progressing well – 7.5

Vinícius Zanocelo

Maurício – A little below what we usually see – 6

Brino – Good movement, but a bit low – 6.5

Lucas Braga

Maurício – Leaving below what we know. It’s oscillating – 5.5

Brino – In the first half, he was one of the biggest winners. Drops a little production, but it’s worth it – 7


Maurício – Admitted responsibility for punishment. Pure juice from the Holy children, unshaken – 8

Brino – The best in the game. He got into a complicated situation and I was surprised to be positive. Called punishment responsibility – 8.5

Bryan Angle

Maurício-This proved to be a pointless hire. He has nothing to contribute. I don’t know which player Bustos thinks he saw in Ecuador. To date, it has not been seen – 1

Brino – His only hit was the submission that gave Everson work, but it wasn’t enough. Like him as a starter, Santos played a bit. May be useful a second time – 1


Maurício – He got off to a good start and was safe. It’s right to mark, but it’s not to attack – 6.5

Brino – It’s safe and good on defense, helps make it – 7

Felipe Jonathan

Mauritius – Very good run. Seriously, no fat football. Saved a goal and scored on the right side of the Atlético-MG attack- 7

Brino – It pays a lot and is very attentive. This is wrong at times. Shows a lot of potential and keeps a ball under purpose – 7


Maurício – He changed the game not only because of his football, but also because of his personality. He came in kicking and showing that the team is unbeatable – 8.5

Brino – He’s a starter. He seems to have entered from the beginning. The game has been updated. What you have done is foolish – 7

Bruno Oliveira

Maurício – It’s time to have more opportunities as a starter – 7.5

Brino – Must be a starter. It gives a lot of chances for it to enter – 6.5


Mauritius – no grade

Brino – It came out well and it worked – 6

Fabian Bustos

Maurício – There would have been more if I hadn’t climbed the Angle. He picked up Rwan, who was writing, and put Bruno Oliveira and Ângelo – 7.5

Brino – It has merit for the draw. He works well on the team, in an intelligent way. I just don’t understand Ângelo not starting out as a starter. There is no denying how Santos has progressed in the replacements – 7

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