Andreas ’future Flamenco and Corinthian survey

The national and international football market continues to be shaken by speculation and results at the opening of the transfer window.

In Brazil, the most notable is Flamenco, which is nearing the end of negotiations with Éverton Cebolinha and still has an impasse regarding the future of Andreas Pereira.

In Europe, the news is about the next steps of Daniel Alves, who will not renew his ties with Barcelona.

O UOL Sport highlights the main news of the day in the ball market. Review:

Flamenco and Everton Cebolinha: final details

Flamingo and Benfica have negotiated the transfer of Everton Cebolinha. In the last talks, it was agreed that 13.5 million euros (R $ 71.8 million) for the final purchase of 100% of the economic rights and another 2.5 million euros (R $ 13.2 million) would be conditional on the bonus. sports goals — negotiations began with 14 million euros and another 2 million euros. In other words, the total transfer value of Everton Cebolinha could reach 16 million euros (R $ 85 million).

The Brazilian club will pay these amounts in eight installments, and the striker’s contract should last four and a half years. Benfica and Everton have deciding fees and commissions, but different sides in the deal have said they have an almost closed deal.

Another reinforcement in Gávean?

Image: Fotobairesarg / Fotobairesarg / AGIF

With more reinforcements on the market, Dorival Jr. is going to offer new flamenco opportunities. to the coach, who won a few days to make a more detailed analysis of the team in hand.

Enzo Fernández, who has been on the red and black radar for a few months, returned to the agenda at River Plate (ARG). The red-and-blacks had already made an appointment with the midfielder, frightened by the numbers requested, but returned to the subject. Once again, the consultation with the sports officials and the club did not go ahead, as the Argentines did not give up 18 million euros for the young man (R $ 95.9 million).

Impasse with Andreas Pereira

Andreas Pereira’s relationship with Flamingo is coming to an end, and the club has not yet officially decided whether or not to buy the midfielder. Even against Cuiabá, the 18th shirt is only five games away from ending his loan deal with Rubro-Negro.

The future of the player is therefore undetermined, but Flak also made the necessary efforts to stay at the club. Rubro-Negro football president Marcos Braz and portfolio manager Bruno Spindel traveled to England in February to negotiate the purchase of Andreas from Manchester United.

Corinthians investigated Cavani and Suarez

Suarez and Cavani celebrate Uruguay's goal against Portugal - REUTERS / Sergio Perez - REUTERS / Sergio Perez
Image: REUTERS / Sergio Perez

Corinthians president Duílio Monteiro Alves spoke about the club’s next steps in the market. In an interview on journalist André Hernan’s YouTube channel, the director confirmed that he had consulted Uruguayan Edinson Cavani and Luis Suárez earlier this year, but lost the profile of the striker the team will seek to replace Jô.

“We talked a lot at the beginning of the year about players with marketing potential, by name, so that we could bring in companies to help with signings. In the case of these specific players. [Cavani e Suárez]I consulted, but we also have a small change in the characteristics of the athletes, ”he said. This change is explained by the game philosophy of coach Vítor Pereira, who has been in charge of the team since the end of February.

Wait, Vinny!

Real Madrid hope to agree on the renewal of Vinícius Júnior in the coming days. According to the ‘Marca’ newspaper, only the details of the negotiation are missing. The club hopes to officially announce a new link with the Brazilians in early July.

The only question that remains to be resolved is the duration of the new bond. Vinícius Júnior’s current contract with Real Madrid will be extended until 2024. The club wants to extend it until 2028, while the player and his representatives prefer a shorter term, specifically 2026 or 2027.

Daniel Alves without the club: there is Brazilian interest …

Barcelona defender Daniel Alves makes a wave at a friendly - Mark Metcalfe / Getty - Mark Metcalfe / Getty
Image: Mark Metcalfe / Getty

Daniel Alves’s future tour: Barcelona decided not to agree to a six-month contract renewal (until December 2022) with the option to renew for another six months (until June 2023). He also said goodbye to the Catalan team on his social media, thanking him for his career.

In anticipation of the Qatar World Cup, the veteran right-back saw the opportunity to continue playing at a high level in Barça, thus preventing him from leaving the national team. The decision to lift the deal was announced to the player on Wednesday (15) and should now be returned to the radar of Athletico Paranaense and Fluminense.

Cotia with a moral calf

São Paulo has announced an agreement to renew the contract of right-back Moreira. The 18-year-old will sign a new contract valid until the end of 2025. The information was initially provided by ESPN and confirmed. UOL Sport.

Moreira is a young promising youngster from São Paulo and started to have chances this season. He has played five games so far and has provided assistance.

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