André Mazzuco talks about Marçal and Zahavi and thanks the support of Botafogo fans: ‘Exciting’

After the defeat at Goiásthe crowd cheered and questioned the performance of Botafogo in Brasileirão. As the second transfer window approaches (July 18), Alvinegro is still on the market to bolster the squad led by Portuguese Luís Castro. Football director André Mazzuco talks about the future in an interview with “Canal do TF”, on Youtube.

– We are working on the second window, there is a market prospect. Within the possibilities, we want the cast to be qualified and it will be part of the plan. We hope the team improves. We mentioned Luís (Castro), with the commission. We seek to work with players who fill or qualify certain gaps – he explained, and then added:

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– It’s a shorter window, but we’ve always tried to anticipate, like the Zahavi and Marçal negotiations. In that window we also won big competition from Europe. We try to be as effective as we can. There’s no specific number, but it’s part of our project to get the team qualified in this second window to finish the season well – he added.

The director also spoke about two of the top names continuing Botafogo’s negotiations: left-back Marçal and striker Zahavi. It’s worth mentioning that John Textor recently mentioned that he intends to bring in reinforcements to strengthen Glorioso this season.

– I’m optimistic. I’m optimistic about both. Let’s see if there’s an ending right away. The window closes on the 18th, there is still a little time. We don’t give a deadline, that’s not how it works. There was competition from other clubs, it wasn’t easy, they were players that interested us and we made every possible effort to break them down – said Mazzuco.

In addition, the professional also analyzed the team’s time, which has not won three games in Brasileirão (it was tied with América-MG, and lost in Coritiba and Goiás). He thanked the support of Nilton Santos fans, saying there was no change in the stumbling block and apologized.

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– I don’t think there will be a rest in the crowd. The crowd bought the idea and will continue to buy the idea. People get angry, boo, we win other games. Botafogo’s fans are one of the most loyal I have ever met. We need to get back on track winning, that’s what we need to deliver to the fans. We’ll win again, the fans will be together, we’ll lose, that’s the process. The crowd with us, the Botafogo fan is something to learn, it’s an amazing crowd, which makes us very proud, and so it gives us more responsibility to deliver more many more.

– You have to be patient, it won’t be all night. We are building something very strong in the future. We want more quality in the game, in the team, in the structure, we’ve been in this process for about four months. Serious loss yesterday, I think we didn’t expect it especially in the first half we did. We need to assimilate this loss. There are constant needs, as every day, between us, the commission and the athletes. Everyone wants to win, everyone is involved in the project and now we need to regain confidence – said Mazzuco.

The manager wanted to send a message of thanks to the Botafogo fan, who showed up in large numbers even on Monday night against Goiás, and asked for calm so that the process could continue.

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– We received support. Very satisfying. Yesterday was the game we were going to deliver. It didn’t happen, but now it’s not going to be a mess. We entered a game with 30 thousand people to get to the G-4. Nothing happened? We need to regain confidence. Once again, this loyalty to the project is excellent. It’s a process, it’s not simple. Of course, we want to be champions this year, but we have to put our feet on the ground. There is no shortage of support at any time, now is the time to change and this is the need that is inside – says Mazzuco.

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