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On Valentine’s Day, more than 60,000 Vasco residents left Maracanã this Sunday, loudly expressing their love for the club. They left happy for the 1-0 win over Cruzeiro. And the team is proud to, if not technically good, organized and game after game, enter the field with a knife in their teeth. Did the fans celebrate like it was a final? Yes indeed. Probably because Vasco’s current squad treats every game as a decision.

That’s been the case throughout Serie B. Vasco’s merit, who hasn’t lost in 12 rounds, hasn’t allowed that flame to be extinguished. The team is sometimes good, sometimes it’s bad, but it doesn’t stop the competition. He would always exert himself physically and win the race.

+ Vasco has reached an agreement and plans to announce coach Maurício Souza this Monday

Delivery alone, however, is not enough. Vasco is now an organized group. After an irregular Carioca Championship, the team will fit into Serie B. It started on defense, conceding just five goals and behaving well against big opponents, such as Bahia, Grêmio and Cruzeiro, when it has not leaked. In the final stages, still with Zé Ricardo and later with Emílio Faro, the offensive sector evolved and featured a larger repertoire.

The team celebrates Getúlio’s goal, securing victory over Cruzeiro of Maracanã – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

These are probably the biggest challenges for Maurício Souza, a coach who will replace Zé Ricardo and replace Vasco this week. Keeping the team on their feet on the ground, a fierce spirit in every game, in addition to defensive consistency, marks the Serie B team.

Consistent with principles

Vasco has always played in São Januário, but the atmosphere in Maracanã, this Sunday, is different. It has a nice, special atmosphere to the game. And the team entered the field in that spirit. Despite some initial difficulties in reaching the Cruzeiro area, the carioca club dominated and controlled the first half.

“Since 1950, Maraca has been ours”, said João Almirante | The Voice of the Flock

The ball released, without Andrey, is not the same. However, once again the defensive team was strong-except for two passing errors by Matheus Barbosa and Thiago Rodrigues that almost gave Cruzeiro a good chance. With defensive control, Vasco began to impose a greater amount of play and, pushed by the crowd, created chances. It achieved its goal in a beautiful step started by Matheus Barbosa, passed by Pec and ended with a beautiful cross by Nenê on Getúlio’s head.

In the Maracanã roar, Vasco grew, forced Cruzeiro’s ball and had a chance to expand using Edimar’s header and Pec’s cross kick. Serie B leader, the Minas Gerais team seemed nervous and took effective danger only with a free kick from Bidu, defended by Thiago Rodrigues.

Victory on the field and on display at the stands before, during and after the game – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

With the advantage, Vasco was able to make his game in the second half. He didn’t stop fighting the attack, but he also didn’t create many chances. Nenê was the technical reference, Figueiredo was very upset and Gabriel Pec did his best to help the defense and show up in front.

The highlights of the final episode, however, are from behind. Quintero had his best performance using Vasco’s shirt and even saved a shot as if he had a specific destination. Always very regular, Anderson Conceição played another good game. Thiago Rodrigues did well when triggered. And Yuri is the usual lion. Now he is the heart of the team.

A strong team, which has gone through some fears, but has imposed itself against the championship leader, unbeaten in nine games and out of eight consecutive wins. A clear message that Vasco is in the fight and is on the right track to access. You can never put out the flame.

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