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In four training days since taking charge of Vasco, Maurício Souza made his debut with a victory, securing Brasileirão’s Serie B runner-up title and also opening seven points for fifth place in the standings. The 1-0 draw against London was complicated, with a lot of scares, but also with a trace of the new coach’s work.

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Proof of this was the beautiful goal of the victory, Raniel’s offer with a not so beautiful shot, he met the goalkeeper Matheus Nogueira and yet he pushed into the net. Vertical and objective, the entire game lasts 22 seconds and passes through the feet of eight players after being born from a goal kick.

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It is no coincidence that the proposal to make games standing up, to reduce the number of direct connection attempts, is one of Mauricio’s main goals. And that was the coach’s most notable contribution to the victory, as he acknowledged in a post-match press conference. Andrey stood out and was the best player in Vasco’s game in that sense – he is the only one to receive the ball twice, for example.

Vasco players celebrate London’s victory with the crowd – Photo: Ricardo Chicarelli / AGIF

Overall, however, London was better. Vasco abused his mistakes outside the home and paid almost dearly at times. Thiago Rodrigues had to make a great stop with Coutinho’s shot and also saw Jhonny Lucas’ shot on the post, both in the first half.

– Our first goal is not to get here and give the show, but to return to Vasco Serie A. We will leave here knowing what needs to evolve, but we are happy, because with that spirit no one will leave Vasco First Division – he said. coach at a post-match press conference.

Vasco did a very bad first half in London. Not to be outdone, Thiago Rodrigues was the goalkeeper (as usual) and a bit of luck as well.

Andrey, who had just returned from the Brazilian Under-20 national team, had Vasco’s thermometer away from home. While the boy did not enter the game, the team had difficulty creating and still drowned. On a wrong turn for the ball by Nenê to Anderson Conceição, for example, Londrina stole the ball and forced Thiago to make a great stop on Coutinho’s shot. From the 13th to the 19th, the hosts were in danger three times until they came out.

Typically, the right security hole, right defender Gabriel Dias had a poor defender. He was frustrated and injured in at least two moves before the break, without a single card. Weverton came in well, was in charge of Vasco’s first shot on goal (in the second half) and ended the game with 25 strokes in 31 passing attempts.

Weverton, Vasco, in the match against London – Photo: Ricardo Chicarelli / AGIF

Vasco only managed a well-worked play in the 26th minute when Nenê and Gabriel Pec threw their heels back in the sequence, and Andrey centered on Getúlio’s shot. At the time, the 18-year-old midfielder was already more active, but it is clear that Maurício Souza will be working on the subject of the ball if he is to be dependent on Andrey alone. It’s something to work on.

In a very confident fight and in the pillars of Vasco’s defensive consistency in Serie B, Quintero and Anderson Conceição have repeatedly chosen the side pass instead of the vertical, forward. Probably due to a lack of confidence. Thiago was also unlikely to open the ball directly to the sides. After a second or third attempt, the goalkeeper heard Nenêri: “If you press, it will break in front.”

Vasco’s goal came two minutes after the start of the second half, which destabilized Londrina (who had been better until then) and gave the Cruzmaltino players a shot of confidence at the same time.

It was all very beautiful (watch video below). Thiago Rodrigues starts with a short shot from Andrey. The ball passes through Quintero, Weverton, Figueiredo and Andrey (again) on the left until it reaches Edimar. He crosses his side, deflects Nenê and pushes Raniel inside. The striker’s fourth goal, Vasco’s top scorer in Serie B, but not the one since Ponte Pretari won almost two months ago.

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After that, Vasco was no longer in danger. In a normal reaction from those who open the scoring, he backed down and opted for a more reactive game, especially since the Londoners started to gather attackers into the area. It was a long minute for Vasco residents.

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In the second half, the organizers created at least four real chances — most of which were to get Thiago off his feet, the ball exploded against Matheus Lucas, and he didn’t go in a few inches. Londrina presented 16 against Vasco’s 9, and previously showed that he had learned to play according to the music of the Série B. In the end, the important thing is to win.

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