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Palmeiras has presented more problems than usual in the last two games for the Brazilian, especially on defense. However, these two battles further strengthened the championship leader, with giant comebacks. This Monday, the victim was São Paulo.

The 2-1 win inside Morumbi came with goals in the second half-the opponent opened the scoring in the 17th minute. At a disadvantage for most of Choque-Rei, Verdão shows why there is so much talk about mind control in this group.

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Palmeiras players celebrate change against São Paulo – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Without Marcos Rocha, Abel Ferreira’s commission would once again have preferred to play with Gustavo Gómez on the right when Verdão defended, along with Luan and Murilo on defense. This formation had problems against Atlético-GO, but the team found themselves offensive and scored four goals at the end of the first half.

Classically, the problem is repeated. Gómez and Dudu, the winger on that side when Verdão attacked, could not get the position without the ball. And it was the way for São Paulo to get really upset in the first half.

As of last Thursday, Palmeiras left and is gradually repositioning himself in the game. But the chosen position kept Dudu away from the attack, taking away one of this team’s main offensive forces. However, Verdão had opportunities to draw in the first period. The lead, along with Gabriel Menino, was defended by Jandrei.

Faced with the loss of Abel, who tested positive for Covid, João Martins was the coach of the night and preferred to return from rest with no changes. The right correction came with the same players starting the game, holding Gabriel Menino a little more on defense and finally giving Dudu freedom.

During the second period, São Paulo retreated, leaving only Calleri to fight the Palmeiras defenders. And Verdão, with patience, didn’t just choose to lift the balls in the opponent’s area randomly. He kept trying to exchange passes, replaying games, until he found the space.

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When Mayke came in to replace Luan, in the 17th of the second half, Palmeiras started playing as they got more used to it and started hammering their opponent. Breno Lopes arrived 10 minutes later and on the first move he hit the post. Despite the insistence, there were no goals.

And then came another change to make São Paulo even more vulnerable: Wesley entered Piquerez’s area, and the game was based near the tricolor area. Faced with pressure, the tie came with Gustavo Gómez, who had a header, after another assist from Gustavo Scarpa.

The result was very good for Palmeiras, who continued the remote lead in Brasileirão. But at the age of 50, after a series of corners, Murilo turned to blasting the alviverdes players at Morumbi.

Just thinking of the Brazilian, the result is very important, because right now everyone is drying up the leader. Monday’s loss is the chance to sow the edge of the competition.

The party of the Palmeiras players after Murilo’s goal – Photo: César Greco

But as has happened many times in the 2016 and 2018 title campaigns, Palmeiras achieved the result that freed their opponents.

Leading São Paulo, who are now ten points behind and ended the game with a bitter taste, even more so with this Thursday another confrontation with Verdão in Morumbi, now for the round of 16 of the Copa of Brazil.

The way in which Palmeiras ’win happened had an impact on the state of mind for the knockout stage. Verdão, which is already in a good stage, will come even stronger. In addition to the ball they play in 2022, this team has a desire to win that only a few have.

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