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The tricolor fans returned to breathe on Sunday night. In addition to making peace with the victory, Fluminens found his way to a good 2-0 result against Avaí in the Maracanã for the 13th day of the Brazilian Championship. (see best moments in the video above). Far from shining, it was 5-3 against Atlético-MG, but the team controlled the whole match, despite the ups and downs, and regained their morale on the eve of the Brazilian Cup quarter-finals.

Arias and Nonato leave the flu “lighter” against Avaí – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

On the “lighter” side of the field, with Nonato Wellington in the middle, Fluminens had a great start and didn’t let Avai breathe for the first 27 minutes. During this period, the Tricolor player was left with a high mark, he recovered all the second balls in the middle and did not leave the attacking field. The team owned 63% of the ball, six shots, two clear chances, one goal and one ball in the crossbar.

Scout – Fluminense vs Avaí

Question Fluminense Hawaii
Ownership of the ball % 51 49%
submissions 19 9
goal opportunities 7 bi
errors 7 15
than wrong 64 72
stealing the ball 22 27
inconveniences 1 4
corners 6 3

In addition to organizing the ball, Nonato also found Arias’ pass to serve Cano’s first goal, the defender with plenty of freedom – Caio Paulista played his best game as a left winger – and “everywhere”. “Arias. Embedded as a striker in the club’s pre-match line-up, the Colombian is much more than a midfielder, working with Ganso on creation and still returning to help the left-back.

Diniz opted for one-off changes in the starting line-up – Photo: André Durão

The pressure stopped in the 27th minute when Bruno Silva stole the ball in the attack to shoot Bissoli. Avaí was slowly getting out of the way and was playing in the midst of Fluminense’s ups and downs as he left the ball without a foot. And he had a few scares, including a goal disallowed by the VAR for an offside goal, which Nonato could not have done with Raniel from the start in a play. Without counting that offer, which was not counted, Santa Catarina had two clear chances in the match, both of which stopped Bissoli Fabio: one to 29 in the first half and one to 34 in the second.

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But despite not being able to keep up with the initial pace for a long time, Fluminens never lost control of the game and had a high volume of attack. In total, there were 19 shots and seven real chances: in addition to two goals, Cano failed to score in the 10th minute; and in the 34th minute, Luiz Henrique misbehaved after leaving the defender on the ground inside the area; in the final stage, Samuel Xavier lost two golden chances in the area when he hit the crossbar, 22 and 46; and in the last minute Willian Bigod forced goalkeeper Vladimir to make a great stop.

Fluminens created several scoring chances against Avaí, but took little advantage of them – Photo: André Durão

Diniz also pulled a rabbit out of the cap when he put Matheus Martins on the field in the second half as a “fake 9” and scored a goal that gave the boy more peace of mind for the game, even if it was dangerous. tricolor dominance. And look at the fact that John Kennedy was available on the bench, but the young striker ended up being overtaken this time, in fact, he discussed with Ganso and the coach on the field in the next game, a 0-0 draw with América. -MG Independence.

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With the win, Fluminense went 18 points and slept in the G-6 of the Brazilian Championship – São Paulo is set to dry out this Monday against Palmeiras to continue in the Libertadores Forward qualifying zone. But the next commitment will be for the Brazilian Cup. The players will be back this Monday afternoon at CT Carlos Castillo and will be preparing to pick up Cruzeiro next Thursday at 7pm (Brazilian time) at the Maracanã for the first leg of the quarter-finals.

“The most important thing came: 3 points,” says Gabriel Amaral The Voice of the Crowd

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