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Despite being close to the fourth position, the 0-0 tie against Sport, on Monday night, there were tones of disappointment for Grêmio, who lost the chance to participate in the G-4 in Serie B. After a win against Novorizontino, Tricolor once again presents of the difficulties of making and, moreover, of finishing. It has the second lowest number of goals scored in the competition, despite the best defense.

The show rekindled the distrust of the fans, who saw the team create some clear chances to score goals and, if any, squander the best of them. In the next round, they have to win and count a stumble from Sport, one point higher, to get on the table.

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Roger saw Grêmio’s “good level” in a draw

Upon Villasanti’s return, Roger chose a more conservative line, with Paraguayan alongside Thiago Santos, which ended with Bitello’s transfer to the reserve bench. The selection has attracted attention, as the midfielder is one of the main highlights of the team this season.

Roger explained after the game that the idea of ​​the lineup was to put the defense first in the first half and, in the second, “release” the team. In the 18th minute of the final period, Bitello entered Villasanti’s vacancy. A minute later, the young midfielder set up Grêmio’s attack, kicked from outside the area and almost covered the opposing goalkeeper.

Elkeson in Sport 0x0 Grêmio – Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

In fact, Bitello gave the team more “lightness” and quality to keep the attack going. However, without Diego Souza, Grêmio struggled to swing the net. While on the field, Elkeson could not pose a danger to the opposing goalkeeper. In the 15th minute of the first half, he received a cross from Nicolas and extended his head.

In the 30th minute of the second half, with the team already being moved by Roger, Elias played the main part of the game. Bitello found Gabriel Teixeira in the middle, who gave Elias a nice pass. The attacker fired towards the goal, facing the goalkeeper, but at the end, he missed the ball and fired weakly.

“It’s embarrassing to see Grêmio play”, said Quetelin | The Voice of the Flock

The inadequacy of Grêmio’s attack was the main reason, in Roger’s view, for Grêmio not winning at the Arena de Pernambuco. For the coach, the team played a good game, but lacked the skill to determine games.

– We probably had the best opportunities, in the second half with the much lighter team we kept making. The failure of the tie is appropriate because we have already finished a lot and we have errors in the ability to finish. It was a good game for the team playing away from home – he checked.

We were wrong, we stopped killing the game, but there were opportunities

– Dénis Abrahão, vice president of football for Grêmio

The match against Sport showed the technical imbalance of the Grêmio group. If in the back, the team suffers less and has leaked a few times, with the best defense in Serie B, in the front it also swings the net a few times. He had nine goals in 12 games, five of which were scored by Diego Souza, the team’s top scorer of the season.

This Monday, the defense system was more in demand, Sport toured the Tricolor area and also created chances, but most of them were out of the area. Gabriel Grando wasn’t as in demand throughout the game and, in the end, only had four goals scored after 12 rounds. There were five 0-0 draws in Serie B.

Roger in a draw between Grêmio and Sport – Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

The next week, against Sampaio Corrêa, Roger had no Kannemann, who took the red card. Edilson left the field with pain in his left leg and should have been out of the game.

Lucas Silva, on the other hand, serves as suspension and can be used. On defense, Bruno Alves tested negative for Covid-19 and also returned to work with CT Luiz Carvalho. And Diego Souza has recovered from tonsillitis and is there.

The delegation will return to Porto Alegre on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Roger began preparing for the game against Sampaio Corrêa. The match will take place next Saturday, at the Arena, at 11 am, valid for the 13th round of Serie B.

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