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The slightly more than 16 thousand fans who traveled to Maracanã to push Fluminense into the 10th round of the Brazilian Championship came alive in a magical night on Wednesday. Football is very dynamic, with a marathon of consecutive games that prevent an event from never dissolving.

But the 5-3 loss against Atlético-MG, current champions of Brazil, current champions of the Copa do Brasil and current champions of the Supercopa do Brasil, will surely remain in the memory of the tricolor for a long time.

Fluminense over and beat Atlético-MG with collective strength-Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

I’m not saying this just because Galo hasn’t scored five goals in a game in over 11 years. Or because there is a chance to lead the competition. But for the imposition presented by the “dinizism” of the Flu – once again – against one of the favorites of many accomplished in 2022.

Then, less than two weeks later, even if they didn’t get the win, Fluminense also made Flamengo, another cited by many who did especially for the big investment.

Cano celebrates a goal for Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

At the press conference after the match, coach Fernando Diniz replied that he did not see Fluminense playing close to ideal against Galo because he did not believe in “idealistic” football. As he said about “feet on the ground” when it was revealed how to treat big wins in the locker room.

But it’s hard not to see fans getting excited about the way the team is playing against two of the main national forces today-especially against the “team to lose”, which is Atlético-MG.

With so much football around the world just playing for the result, if he walks close to the scene, he won’t be noticed.

More clearly what defines the games are the wins. But if it happens with courage and with collective work, even the failures that created Atlético-MG’s three goals end in a temporary second plan.

“Victory as a result of training time!”, Said Gabriel Amaral | The Voice of the Flock

Talking about titles outside of Carioca with so many roads to be covered is even more complicated with the many balances that Brazilian football has to offer. Enjoying the moment is more appropriate.

But seeing a team with a limited cast play for attack, with touch of the ball and energy of will, is no doubt, close to what the fan wants to see and even who likes football.

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Fluminense fans at the game against Atlético – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Merit of Diniz, who made a good start to the job. Merit of the players, who seem to have bought the coach’s idea. A privilege for the fans who came to the stadium, they had a big party, despite the team from two consecutive losses, and they were “crazy in the head”, as the song was sung over their lungs of Maracanã. Blame, perhaps, on those who didn’t go and lose the best game of the Brazilian Championship to date.

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With gringos Cano and Arias in good form and Luiz Henrique sending an unforgettable farewell, the Fluminense returned to the field this Saturday, again in Maracanã, at 19:00, to face Atlético-GO, for the 11th round in Brasileirão.

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