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Everything went wrong for Fluminense in the 2-0 loss to Atlético-GO, in Maracanã, on Saturday night, for the 11th round of the Brazilian Championship. As the goal Cano lost within the small starting area of ​​the game was not enough, to give another direction to the confrontation, David Braz made the entire team structure fall to the ground with a dismissal in the th 20. minutes in the first half.

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David Braz sent off for Churín’s foul by Fluminense against Atlético -GO – Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Germán Cano has a lot of credit. He was, without a doubt, the main Fluminense player of the season, he came from great protagonism and goals, but, as a good part of the team, he had a bad night.

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David Braz, on the other hand, received the red card after picking the foul where he was the last man and got the worst of Churín’s argument, running towards the goal.

In the 20 min of the 1st half – direct red card from David Braz do Fluminense against Atlético -GO

Without the defender, Fluminense, who until then had a good game, could not keep up the rhythm and started to give up spaces, starting to fill up with Atlético-GO.

After the team played for about 10 minutes with only one man on defense, Fernando Diniz pulled Willian Bigode, who was not playing well and heard boos from the crowd, to put Felipe Melo down.

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Felipe Melo at the match between Fluminense and Atlético-GO-Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

In the 34th minute, Jefferson hit a shot of incredible joy and scored a great goal to open the scoring. Even before the end of the first period, Wellington Rato scored in the second as Luiz Henrique tried to bring the team back into the game with two good attacks.

In the second half, Fluminense showed courage in Fernando Diniz’s exchanges, starting to kill the defense sector to put the men in front of the field.

Fernando Diniz during the match between Fluminense and Atlético-GO-Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

The team, albeit fully exposed, did better in the second round. Especially in the latter part, when Felipe Melo is alone as a defensive man in an all-out attack mode.

The coach’s act of courage paid off, and Fluminense created opportunities to score alongside John Kennedy and Luiz Henrique, who hit the crossbar in a game where the ball refused to enter. That move is just proof that it’s not a club night.

Clearly the team played with a lot of dedication and attracted attention for the fight, due to the amount of play. The recognition of the crowd at the end, singing even after the last whistle, shows this.

Against Flamengo it was better, but lost. Against Juventude, who was playing on a flooded field, he didn’t play. Against Atlético-MG he played a good game.

Against Atlético-GO, without a doubt, the dismissal of David Braz is very important. But a third loss in four games will inevitably bring back the red flag. Not to despair, of course. After all, the team showed a lot of resources, like Galo’s opponent. But as a reminder Brasileirão is likely to charge dearly for lost points in the beginning.

“If David Braz records this video, he has 30min”, says Gabriel Amaral | The Voice of the Flock

In search of rehabilitation, next Wednesday, Fluminense will visit América-MG, in Independência, Wednesday, at 21:30 (Brazilian time) before the start of a marathon of games for Brasileirão in Rio de Janeiro. With 14 points, the team missed the chance to touch the G-4.

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