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There are technical and tactical issues to highlight in the Corinthians ’performance in the 1-1 draw with Athletico-PR, but one cannot analyze the Curitiba match without considering a subjective aspect that is difficult. measure: the emotional aspect.

Those at the Arena da Baixada this Wednesday can feel how, despite the icy night in Paraná, the game heats up from the 15th minute of the second half, and how the young Corinthians team was shocked amid the pressure , which is almost done. until the Hurricane equalizer, 21 minutes later.

Dominant in the first half, Timão started to dismiss the ball however, making a number of mistakes – most of them crazy – that set fire to the opposing crowd, involved in a riot with a balance of dismissal on each side. and saw Raúl Gustavo inflict punishment on the child, which became costly.

Vítor Pereira seemed to understand his athletes in a twist and despair on the edge of the grass, asking for calm and accuracy in ball output. After much insistence on Roni to escape the confusion with Hugo Moura, he entered the field and gave a “shake” to the steering wheel, damaging the team with the red card, even though he was carrying an opponent. with him.

Vitor Pereira criticized Roni after the player was fired

With a slightly cooler head, the Corinthians would have returned to São Paulo with three points and a temporary lead over Brasileirão.

After resisting initial pressure from Athletico and opening scoring with a big goal from Róger Guedes, Timão had a good performance in the first half. With a mobile attack, with shirt 9 changing positions constantly with Willian, the team was able to pull off counterattacks, had more balls than the opponent and created chances to expand.

The fact that it was more did not mean that the Corinthians were perfect. The negative point was the frequent passing errors on the defensive field, which started just after two minutes, when Willian’s ball disappeared at the entrance to the alvinegra area and was saved by a beautiful defense by Cássio. Later, Mantuan and especially Raúl Gustavo would make similar mistakes.

Mantuan started the game on the Corinthians right side and ended up attacking-Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

The selection for Mantuan on the right also did not work. The hosts scrutinized the player’s back shots, to the point that Vítor Pereira sent Rafael Ramos to warm up at the end of the initial period – the Portuguese winger entered at halftime, in Adson’s place, and Mantuan started the playing his position. further ahead.

The rotation initiated by Vítor Pereira in the middle of the marathon of games is perfectly understandable, but improvisations like this, if there is a reserve of usable position, are hard to justify. It is unfortunate that on many occasions the Portuguese was not bound by his decisions and corrected his own mistakes during the games.

Against Athletico, the coach also noticed the loss of more than midfield from the 10th minute of the second half and tried to solve the problem of the entries of Renato Augusto and Roni, but planning was hampered by the dismissal five minutes later. passed away. .

The point made by Curitiba is still important, but more valuable is the lesson left in the game and that these Corinthians should have learned now-for example after the 1-1 draw with Boca Juniors, in Bombonera. With Libertadores and Copa do Brasil knockout duels coming up, Timão will only succeed if they have mental strength, something Arena da Baixada lacks.

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