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Cruzeiro’s team won another tough game on the way to Serie B. It went to Ponta Grossa and defeated the organized Operário 2 to 1. A result that shows the maturity of a team that stands for the collective and got the skin, every day, looking for access.

“Jajá is the name of the game!” praised Fernanda | The Voice of the Flock

Cruzeiro had a tough start, from their comfortable place when it came to the ball. He had difficulties in the face of pressure from Operário’s attackers in the first few minutes, but he knew how to understand the situation and change the position of the three defenders, quickly balancing the actions. .

  • Cruzeiro reached the best streak in the last 30 years, but ended the period without conceding a purpose.

Even if they didn’t have a good first half attacking, especially due to a lack of creativity in midfield, Cruzeiro was able to have the most obvious chances. Canesin and Rafa Silva could have put the team ahead. Jajá, on the left, is the hottest piece. He has less ball grip and is more efficient one-on-one.

On defense, Cruzeiro made a safe first period, only frightened by a free kick by Paulo Sérgio, who kissed the post with Rafael Cabral still alive on the ball.

Jajá, Pais and Bidu celebrate Cruzeiro’s goal against Operário – Photo: Staff Image/Cruzeiro

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As much as the tie was good, given the advantage of the team at the table, which won over Criciúma and faced CRB, in Mineirão, Pezzolano showed, with actions, that he wanted to win. He put Edu alongside Rafa Silva, ready to tackle the offensive problem and the team more spacious, with work in place and at its entrance, giving Rafa more freedom, showing qualities of movement.

The result came quickly, with a goal after six minutes, from Pais. But the tie came three minutes later. Opportunity for Jobs to grow, especially with Cruzeiro being brighter.

Parents celebrated the occasion for Cruzeiro:

Parents celebrate the occasion for Cruzeiro: “Very happy”

But the Minas Gerais team’s response was almost immediate and in a step that rewarded training and trials: Zé Ivaldo’s long ball for extreme speed. Jajá decided and was the man of the game, with a goal and an assist.

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Jobs returned to duty, over and had freedom in midfield for up to 30 minutes. Time seems to be almost over. And in fact, it is. Rafael Cabral decided on a face -to -face bid with Paulo Sérgio. But when Pezzolano replaced midfield, the opponent’s dominance became only territory.

Cruzeiro grew up in Serie B, especially since it was able to make bad times short. He had difficulties in the beginning at Ponta Grossa, but he turned the ball over and entered the game. He saw the opponent win in midfield in the second half, but he organized himself and employed the defensive midfielder and defender more than the goalkeeper. And the most important thing in games like this: it’s deadly.

Cruzeiro cast celebrates victory over Operário – Photo: Reproduction / Cruzeiro

There was no light from Cruzeiro. In the brief moments of the second period, it was already dominated. He has faults, he suffers from fears. He needs Rafael Cabral. All of this is normal, and it will happen again.

But the team won and showed that force majeure was collective, replacing the individual highlights of each game. Paulo Pezzolano’s Merit, which solidified the work and left the fan more confident that the nightmare could end, yes, in November.

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