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First of all, it should be noted that an analysis is always based on a time frame. This means it has a short shelf life. Coming to Botafogo, it means it describes what Botafogo was like until the 2-1 loss to Goiás, on Monday, at Nilton Santos Stadium. Luís Castro’s team could either fly or sink in the Brazilian Championship. But the final game showed a team that is on track to become competitive, able to fight for something more than staying in Serie A. But to get there, it takes maturity.

And maturity, in this case, means translating your superiority into objectives. This is the summary. But to make it clearer, the game against Goiás – especially the first half – showed that Botafogo is a structural group. There’s command, there’s organization, there’s building games, there are players who are well-distributed on the field, who know what they’re going to do with the ball.

There are also individual qualities. There are promises like Hugo and Lucas Fernandes. There is a determination like Erison, who, even if not in his worst days, refuses to leave the field after suffering a concussion. He returned the second batch of medicine and bandages to the injured area.

Poor results shake Botafogo’s momentum-Photo: André Durão

But then why disappear? It was defeated because it was a squad formed mostly by players with little experience in major competitions. And that’s why they always run more than necessary and get physically tired before the game is over. What we saw against Goiás was a team that weakened its defensive composition primarily due to physical wear and, thus, conceded two goals in the attacks. Some may suffer in this way, but Botafogo admires their determination. So Hugo disarmed Apodi, who was advancing rapidly, and had to leave the field after the battle on the part of the alvinegro.

He also lost because he started to submit regularly in the last half of the first half, which prevented him from opening up to a much bigger advantage in Goiás. Botafogo was the one who dominated the game the most, but overcame their technical limitations, and this showed poor submissions. The team led by Luís Castro also has another mission at the moment: to continue to focus on its evolution while facing criticism from fans and their need for results.

Best moments: Botafogo 1 x 2 Goiás for the 9th round of the Brazilian Championship

– It is very easy to manage a team with wins and difficult to manage a team with losses. In the Brazilian Championship, with such tight games, wins and losses happen with little difference. Thus, few teams achieved consecutive wins. Some change. All of this shows me that we have a more mature team, that knows what to do, but that at some point in the game will be hesitant and can’t find the way. This worries me, mainly because against Goiás it was one of the games we finished the most and we exchanged the most passes. Our latest results do not reflect what we have improved as a team. There is only one word for all this: work. There is no point in blaming. Just work and keep going – coach Luís Castro emphasized.

If there is no win in three rounds (two losses and a draw), Botafogo must find solutions. Obviously some of them are not at the club and will have to come to the next transfer window. But in the meantime, you can manage by using what you have now. And what a picture of what we have now is a team that is about to find itself.

“Botafogo lost the crowd after this game”, said Pedro Dep | The Voice of the Flock

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