An impressive image of Neptune with its rings captured by the James Webb Super Telescope

  • Jonathan Amos
  • Science reporter for BBC News

credit score, NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI

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Details that haven’t been printed for greater than three many years could be seen in James Webb’s footage

The newly launched James Webb Space Super Telescope has produced gorgeous new photographs of Neptune.

The observatory’s infrared devices spotlight options not seen in such element since the Voyager 2 spacecraft handed by the planet in 1989. This consists of the rings and dirt lanes surrounding the ice large.

Scientists are additionally inquisitive about the numerous cloud constructions that inform us one thing new about how Neptune’s environment works.

In addition to the planet itself, the large has seven of its 14 moons, the most vital of which is Triton, which seems to be like the star in Webb’s footage.

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