America missed good chances and So Paulo lost to Brazilian

photo: Moor Panda/America

America did not take advantage of the opportunities and was defeated by So Paulo, of Morumbi

Dominant for most of the first half, America did not take advantage of the many scoring opportunities created and defeated by So Paulo, this Sunday, in Morumbi, for the 11th round of the Brazilian Championship. Tricolor secured the win by 1 to 0 with Patrick, in the 33rd minute of the initial period. With the result, Coelho was bitter for the second consecutive revs of Serie A – losing to Cear, at home, in the last game.

The loss left America in tenth position over the Brazilian, with 14 points. So Paulo climbed to third place in the table, with 18. Tricolor broke a fast -paced four -game draw in the competition and went on to write unbeaten at Coelho’s home – with eight wins in 11 games. played.

In the next round, América will battle Fluminense in search of rehabilitation. The match this Wednesday, at 9:30 pm, in Independência, in Belo Horizonte. The next day, So Paulo visited Botafogo, at 4 p.m., in Engenho, Rio de Janeiro.

So Paulo vs America: photos from the Morumbi match for Serie A

The match

America had broad dominance in the first half, but paid dearly for many missed opportunities. In the first few minutes of the game, Alosio went into danger, and Miranda pulled into a corner. Then, “Boi Bandido” himself took advantage of the area, deflected it at Jandrei’s exit, and the ball went past the left post. In three minutes, Everaldo risked a shot from outside the area and forced the tricolor. goalkeeper to make a good save. .

America’s opportunities don’t stop there. In seven minutes, Everaldo received a low cross in the area, hit the goal, and the ball touched So Paulo’s left post. Ten minutes later, Everaldo started on the right and crossed to Felipe Azevedo, who tried a header and sent it with danger to the left of the goal. At 24 ‘, after Al’s cross from the left, it was Alosio’s turn to try a header, and Jandrei opened the ball with the tip of his hand.

In 33 minutes the punishment came to America. After stealing the ball in midfield, Igor Vincius advanced to the right and crossed to Patrick, who entered the game later, in Luan’s place. The midfielder, behind American xar in the game, went into the net: 1 to 0. Since then, Coelho has stopped pushing, and Tricolor has begun to dominate the actions of the game.

America failed to be effective in the second half. The team had a lot of trouble making games and ended up being quickly annulled by So-Paulina’s scoring. The home team continued to dominate the game. The main ones were submitted from Patrick and Calleri, but there was nothing to fear for Jailson. In the final moments, Coelho was more at risk of finding a tie. However, the tests were futile.

So Paul 1 x 0 America

So Paul: Jandrei, Igor Vincius (Andrs), Miranda, Lo and Reinaldo (Wellington); Pablo, Luan (Patrick), Gabriel Neves (Rigoni) and Nestor; Luciano (Rafinha) and Calleri. Coach: Rogrio Ceni.

America: Jailson; Patric, der, Conti and Marlon (Danilo Avelar); Lucas Kal (Gustavo), Juninho and Al; Felipe Azevedo (Arthur), Everaldo (Henrique Almeida) and Alosio (Wellington Paulista). Coach: Vagner Mancini.

Goal: Patrick, at 33 ‘in 1st T

Yellow cards: Nestor, Miranda (So Paulo); Henrique Almeida, Wellington Paulista (United States)

Reason: 11th round of the Brazilian Championship

Studio: morumbi

Date: Sunday, June 12

referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio (FIFA/DF)

Assistants: Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade (DF) and Jose Reinaldo Nascimento Junior (DF)

VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)

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