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This Thursday, América-MG published a notice of rejection of racist actions by a fan inside the Independência stadium in a match against Cear. Fans uttered racist phrases inside the stadium against two guards. The man was arrested. The incident report treated the case as racial violence.

According to a report from the first victim – the security of the stadium – to the police, the perpetrator approached one of the corridors of the stadium and directed racist words against the guard. After the wounded man, security called the person in charge to go to the man who had fled the scene. Officials decided to search the field in search of the suspect.

“Monkey, monkey, stinking monkey”; “monkey, bastard” (fan said these words to the victim according to the police report)

Independence; América-MG vs Ceará – Photo: Emanoel Araújo

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of the game for a price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

It was then that they found the fan gesturing to another guard and imitating the monkey near the Independência toilets. The other victim told police he was going to approach her and yelled at her before the racist gestures. According to the military police, the suspect had speech, bloodshot eyes and symptoms of intoxication.

Stadium staff arrested the perpetrator until the arrival of the Military Police, who arrested him. The man was referred to the Civil Police and will be held accountable for racial violence. In a statement, América-MG rejected the actions and stated that it was not suspicious in the fan partner program. If so, according to the club, it would be suspended until the process is completed.

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America also noted that “staff, service providers, and fans are exploring ways to guide and assist in reporting these crimes.” The club still hopes to impose “exemplary punishments” on the perpetrator.

O ge contact was involved, but there was no response until this report was published. The Civil Police have also not said yet whether the suspect will still or will be free to answer for the crime of racial violence.

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According to the security guard who was the victim of the injury, it was not the first time the perpetrator himself had committed the crime. The guard told police in April that the suspect had tried to enter the stadium with a metal bottle. When the staff stopped, the man would say other racist words against the professionals.

“Monkey, I hate this race”; “paid hunger” – blasphemy perpetrated by the perpetrator in April, according to a victim reported in a police report.

According to the incident report, the suspect justified the second victim’s racist gestures as he was buying a beer at the Independência bar for a “look” at the guard.

Regarding the April episode, the author said that the security guard – the victim of the injury – would approach him and forcibly remove him from the glass of the stadium stands. The suspect stated that in that approach, the guard broke his “middle finger of his right hand.”

Read the note here Amerika-MG in full:

“The América Futebol Club rejects all forms of racism or racial violence. and save those who would suffer a racial injury.
The club has clarified that the suspect is not part of the Onda Verde Program. If so, it will be suspended until the process is complete. Despite the legal procedures, America hopes that, once the racial injury is proven, exemplary sanctions will be applied by the competent bodies. The club understands that feelings of impunity are greatly affected by actions taken to combat racism and other prejudices.
America adds that locating and fighting any kind of prejudice must go beyond the virtual environment. That is why the club is looking at ways to address and support the crimes and situations that have occurred many times in football and in the world, unfortunately for footballers, service providers and fans alike. ”

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