América-MG vs Fluminense LIVE (0-0) | 2022/06/15

One minute ago 23:13

36 ‘

Carlos Alberto tries a header. Fabio defends it.

23:12 minutes ago

35 ‘

Carlos Alberto mounted an inspired counterattack down the right wing after 80 minutes, but Samuel Xavier was unable to convert from short range.

23:11 3 minutes ago

34 ‘Substitution by Fluminens

23: 104 minutes ago

33 ‘Yellow card

Marlon receives a card after missing Luiz Henrique.

23:09 6 minutes ago


America set up another counterattack, this time from the left with Pedrinho. Starting the attacker, cutting inside and kicking, the ball explodes on the post.

23:08 6 minutes ago

30 ‘

On the counterattack, the ball hits Patrici from the right, who makes a cross, but Fluminense’s defense deflects it away.

23:05 9 minutes ago

28 ‘

Luiz Henrique unleashed a swerving effort from the right that the visitors’ keeper did well to tip wide.

23:01 13 minutes ago

24 ‘

Manoel shoots from distance, but the ball goes wide.

23:00 15 minutes ago

22 ‘Change in America 🔄

22:57 minutes ago

20 ‘

John Kennedy’s beautiful pass to Nonato, the striker, faces Jailson and ends. The American bow touches the ball and makes a beautiful stop. Fluminense’s corner.

22:56 minutes ago

19 ‘

Juninho crosses, Nonato leaves for Fluminense.

22:55 20 minutes ago

18 ‘

Carlos Alberto tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

22:54 20 minutes ago

17 ‘

Samuel Xavier crosses, Contik leaves.

22:53 21 minutes ago

16 ‘

Nonato’s Luiz Henrique was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent’s quick free kick after 80 minutes.

22: 5222 minutes ago

14 ‘

Cáceres takes a corner kick from the top of the box, but Conti goes wide.

22:51 23 minutes ago

13 ‘

Once again, Carlos Alberto has a flu defense. The boy dominates the area and tries a shot, Manoel arrives at the last minute, stops and sends it to a corner.

22:50 25 minutes ago

12 ‘

Nonato throws for Matheus, who crosses the highest height for Luiz Henrique. The flu attacker fills his foot, but the ball explodes in defense.

22:4727 minutes ago

10 ‘

The goose gives a beautiful pass to Luiz Henrique, who dominates and kicks. Jailson defends again without a rebound.

22:4628 minutes ago

08 ‘

After a cross, Cano climbs higher and goes straight. Jailson makes a good defense without a rebound.

22:4331 minutes ago

05 ‘

Carlos Alberto takes the ball in the middle of the pitch, puts it forward and speeds it up, no one can catch the boy, he reaches the Fluminense area and shoots. But the shot came off the cheek, and Fábio got the ball.

22:41 33 minutes ago

03 ‘

Centered by Luiz Henrique, America’s defense takes the risk.

22:38 36 minutes ago

00 ‘Yellow card

Carlos Alberto is booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

22:37 37 minutes ago

00 ‘Change in America 🔄

22:37 37 minutes ago

00 ‘Part 2 begins

The ball is thrown again for the final stage.

22:36 38 minutes ago

⏱ ‘Change in Fluminens

22:21 an hour ago

50 ‘End of the first half

América-MG 0x0 Fluminense

22:21 an hour ago

50 ‘

Cáceres crosses to Fluminense’s defense.

One hour ago at 22:20

49 ‘

Juninho tries to counter-attack the American team, but in the middle of the way Manoel misses.

22:16 an hour ago

45 ‘Add-ons

Five more, we go up to 50.

22:14 an hour ago

42 ‘

The goose strikes from a distance, but chews the submission and goes outside.

22:13 an hour ago

41 ‘

Everaldo crosses the ball to Felipe Azevedo, who is completely unmarked in the box. But Yago Felipe leaves.

One hour ago 22:09

37 ‘

Yago Felipe shoots from outside the box, but the ball goes wide.

One hour ago 22:08

37 ‘

America remains closed, with Fluminens retaining ownership in the offensive zone.

One hour ago 22:07

35 ‘Yellow card

Everaldo receives a card for simulating a penalty on the rebound of the previous game.

One hour ago 22:07

34 ‘

He meets Aloisio Fábio, tries to catch the goalkeeper with a cavadinha, but the shot goes wide. The defense came out in a row.

One hour ago 22:03

32 ‘

Luiz Henrique tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the centrally placed strikers, but the visitors’ defense got the best of this rather direct style of play.

22:01 an hour ago

30 ‘

Cáceres centered, but no one from America was inside the area, and Fluminens kept the ball.

One hour ago 21:58

27 ‘

Luiz Henrique tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

1:56 p.m.

25 ‘

America tries a counterattack from the left, but Felipe Azevedo finds the shot. But the ball goes to the side of the goal.

One hour ago 21:52

22 ‘

Samuel Xavier tries a through ball, but Marlon is caught offside.

One hour ago 21:52

21 ‘

Fluminens rotates the ball on the attacking field, looking for spaces. America is closing.

21:51 an hour ago

19 ‘

Wellington tries a through ball, but Conti Cano is caught offside.

21:49 an hour ago

18 ‘

America tries to counterattack from the right, but in vain.

One hour ago 21:48

17 ‘

Ganso fired a deep shot into the back of the net from Caio Paulista’s 70-yard field goal, but the American defender pushed another one away.

One hour ago 21:46

14 ‘

The Goose takes a low corner kick, but Luiz Henrique clears it, and the ball goes to the Matheus, but the attacker’s shot explodes Conti.

One hour ago at 9:45 p.m.

14 ‘

Samuel Xavier tries a through ball, but it is off-target. A flu-friendly corner.

21:44 hours ago

12 ‘

Luiz Henrique stole the ball from the right wing, went inside and shot from a distance. But, he ends up catching the ball badly and isolating it.

21:43 hours ago

11 ‘

Coelho is missing a player, he has only ten minutes left in the game.

21:42 hours ago

10 ‘Red card

After being examined at the VAR, Alê was expelled for giving Nino an elbow.

21:40 hours ago

09 ‘

Daronco goes to the VAR to study the offer between Alê and Nino.

21: 392 hours ago

08 ‘

Nino is receiving medical attention.

21: 392 hours ago

08 ‘

Alê punches Nino in the face, and Floko’s defender falls to the ground.

21:38 hours ago

06 ‘

Aloisio shoots from outside the box, but the ball is caught weak and goes into the hands of Fábio.

21: 362 hours ago

04 ‘

Caio Paulista gives it to Gansor, who returns it to the attacker. But, the ball was long, and Jailson came out kicking and kicking everything away.

21:35 hours ago

03 ‘

Felipe Azevedo picks up the ball at the entrance, clears the shot mark, but the defense was well-adjusted to disarm the attacker.

21: 342 hours ago

02 ‘

Picking up Cáceres at the end, cleaning inside and crossing, Nino pulls away.

21:31 hours ago

00 ‘The match starts

Ball kicks in Arena Independência.

21:25 2 hours ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

Teams on the field.

21:05 2 hours ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

Both teams are warming up after 25 minutes.

20:40 hours ago

⏱ ‘Tricolor has risen!

20: 363 hours ago

⏱ ‘Bunny’s up!

20: 263 hours ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

20: 253 hours ago

⏱ ‘Pre-game

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When is the America-MG x Fluminense game and how to follow it LIVE?

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Fluminense’s lineup possible

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American lineup

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Fluminense’s condition

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American state

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Status of competing teams

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