Alonso admits Hulk choir in selection: “It’s worth this opportunity”

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Junior Alonso, from Atlético, agrees with the new option of the Hulk striker in the Brazilian National Team

Atlético defender Junior Alonso and captain often accepted a chorus of a large part of the crowd: the request of the Brazilian Hulk of the National Team. In the teammate’s assessment, the striker “deserves this opportunity.”

After five years without a chance with Amarelinha, the Hulk was called up in September 2021 for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. On September 9, Peru entered the 38th minute of the second half with a 2-0 win at Arena Pernambuco.

At the time, he replaced Gabigol of Flamenco. It was the 49th match of the Atletico striker, who has already played in the World Cup, with the Brazilian national team. Even though he scored 11 goals in the friendly or with the Brazilian Olympic team, the Hulk did not enter the official matches.

Atltico’s performance, however, leaves no doubt that the striker is still on coach Tite’s radar. After a magical 2021, with the best scorer in every competition, the striker continues to “fly” in 2022. There are already 15 goals and three assists in 17 games.

When Tit asked about the possibility of calling the Hulk again, Junior Alonso did not praise him. The Atletico defender emphasized that Galo’s team continues to hold and promote the star of the team, but acknowledged the weight of working outside Europe as an obstacle to new opportunities.

“He’s a great player, everyone knows his quality. The numbers speak for themselves. We don’t have to say much about him, as he had a great tournament last year, the top scorer in every competition. .

“Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me “From the inside, we know that Hulk deserves this opportunity. We are with him, helping him and getting to know his quality,” said Alonso.

The Brazilian national team will play friendlies against South Korea and Japan in June. The Hulk was left out of the group list. After these matches, Brazil will have only one FIFA date before the World Cup. It will be in September, when Titer’s team will face Argentina (in the playoffs) and perhaps Mexico (in a new friendly).

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