Abel praised the power of Palmeiras’ reaction and said: “I don’t know what the limit is of these players” | palms

The win gave Palmeiras a 25-point lead, three more than vice-leader Corinthians. After the game, coach Abel Ferreira praised the victory and dedicated it to the fans.

– I want to dedicate this victory in a special way to our fans, I think this is the first time I have done this since I was in Brazil. They play an important role in change, and then the quality of our players, faith, willpower, energy, knows how to deal with the moments of the game. And that’s all. In the last game they asked what our limit was, I don’t know. I don’t know what the limitations of these players are, what they want, what they want. What I know, I feel, is a love of playing football and a great passion for competition-said Abel Ferreira.

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Abel Ferreira of Palmeiras against Atlético-GO-Photo: Marcos Ribolli

After leaving the scoreboard with Luan’s own goal, Verdão needed just seven minutes to score four goals and signal victory in front of 38,888 people, the team’s third-largest spectator of the season playing in house.

– I haven’t experienced this yet. It’s beautiful, the atmosphere, the atmosphere, the moment, it’s amazing. I’m on my own, on the bench, which I’m likely to control, at the second or third party being celebrated as if I’m one of the fans. Sometimes I like to be calm and focus on these moments. It was an incredible seven minutes, seven minutes in Palmeiras – Abel emphasized.

Palmeiras led Brasileirão with 25 points, three more than vice-leader Corinth. Verdão has seven wins, four draws and just one loss, possessing the best attack in the competition (23 goals) and the least leaked defense (six goals).

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For the 13th round in Brasileirão, Palmeiras will face São Paulo, this Monday, at 8 pm (Brazilian time), at the Morumbi stadium, in São Paulo.

Palmeiras vs. Atlético -GO – Best moments

Check out other excerpts from Abel Ferreira’s press conference:

The annoying neighbor moved in or apologized?

– My neighbor is annoying. You are cursed. I’ve already said that I’ve been in football for many years, and football is the same everywhere, only the numbers are changing. Here there are 200 million, in Portugal, 10. The essence is the same. When I reprimand, it’s just my opinion, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. It’s all a result of our work, the quality of the players, a strong structure that knows what it wants and does. But now, and I want to reinforce this, it’s not math. And I want everyone in the house to be calm, because we will be defeated. No team always wins. Now, the moment of the game, was when we conceded the goal. We let their team play, give place, Atlético-GO is a team that plays well, has experienced players, but opens itself up. I love having a team that knows how to attack and defend. Until we conceed at the goal, we give the opponent plenty of time and space to play well.

– After conceding the goal, a detail I mentioned to our fans, the Palmeiras family, I want to thank you. After conceding the goal, they started shouting “Palmeiras is the team of change, Palmeiras is the team of love”. It helped in a way, I want to thank you.

Good time Gabriel Veron

– It is true that Veron, who is a talented player, has a lot of football, he is young, which should be known that football is serious. It’s hard to tell them not to watch TikTok, pick up their phone, because it’s part of the new generation. I try to tell them to be more serious, focused, to dedicate themselves more to training, to get results from it. It’s normal, over time, maturity grows, competition matures, as a man. He grew up with the team. It was an important piece within a set of 24, with the kids from base being very helpful to us.

“More amazing than football is Palmeiras!”, Said Bocca | The Voice of the Flock

Comparison of Bernadinho and the Brazilian national team

– I’m already the coach of the Palmeiras team, I’ve already said what I think about it. I’ve said a lot, directly about this issue. What I said a month ago is what I stand for today. I know Bernardinho very well, I’ve seen a lot of his lectures, I know very well what they did to him when he changed the national team, when he took the dedicated players and put the players who want to make a career out of it. Managing the cast is a secret for coaches, building a team spirit, where no one is above the interests of the team, not the coach, anyone. In Palmeiras there are only two irreplaceable people, namely Porco and Periquito. Sila ra. And our fans. Some, in exchange, another comes. That’s the spirit the coach is looking for, and I really like his spirit. If you play as a team, if we trust each other, and that’s how I was born. He is one of the greatest coaches in history.

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