A forensic expert report confirms that Rafael Ramos, of Corinthians, did not commit racial violence.

Second hired expert Corinthians In fact, the lawsuit filed by Rafael Ramos against Edenilson, an International player, with a suspected racial injury confirms that the Portuguese player did not say the word “monkey”.

The report, by The Perfect Link Forensics, a company specializing in forensic experience in certain areas of knowledge, concludes that Ramos said the expression “F …, bro, c …”. which has eight syllables and eight phonemes, unlike what Edenilson would have heard, “F…, the monkey,” which has six syllables and six phonemes.

“A comparison of the phonemes of the two expressions, in addition to the difference in pronunciation length (two more phonemes), shows a different accentuation, especially in the second word, which is the second phoneme of the word ‘monkey’, the phoneme.” ˈKa ”is a tonic, unlike the second and final phoneme of the word“ mano ”, the“ nu ”phoneme, which is an accent,” the report says. Sports Magazine he had access.

Video was viewed in slow motion camera and separate frames (Photo: Playback)

The new expert report is 44 pages long and was prepared on Thursday, June 2nd. Three days after Rafael Ramos testified In the High Court of Sports Justice, confirming that he did not commit any racist insult. The specialization of the Civil Police investigating the case will be completed and delivered this Friday.

Three videos were examined to reach the conclusions of the forensic experience. In addition, there is a lot of technical evidence to show that the content is complete and has not been edited.

“The analysis of the video transcribed in this work, as well as the analysis of the pictures in this part of the video, allows us to verify the pronunciation of the athlete Rafael Antônio Figueiredo Ramos, the second phoneme. the second word, which is unstressed (from “nu”, “maNO”) and non-tonic (from “ˈka” from macaco), the report continues, concluding:

“The analysis of the video in slow motion, in addition to the analysis of the words, showed that Rafael Antônio Figueiredo Ramos was the one who said the expression, ‘F … bro, c …’ and not the one that Edenílson Andrade dos Santos thinks he heard. expression: ‘F …, monkey’ ”.

The Perfect Link, a 26-year-old forensic and auditing firm, is a benchmark in forensic specialization in a variety of fields of knowledge and a leader in the segment of Internet election and event auditing at its headquarters in Barran. Funda district, Sao Paulo.

This second report prepared by the Corinthians The Curitiba Expert Center confirms what was said in its first release on 20 May. This 12-page document was signed by Anderson Marcondes Santana Júnior, Daniela Cristina Silva Lima Ramos Guidugli and Giovana Giroto, who have experienced severe or profound bilateral hearing loss since childhood.

Next week, athlete Edenilson will testify at STJD to provide a version of events, as Ramos did last Monday. The case will become a matter of fact if the authorities understand that there are minimum elements to open a procedure, both in the field of sports and in the field of punishment.

understand the case

Internacional hosted Corinthians on May 14 in Beira-Rio for a match that is valid for the sixth matchday in Brasileirão. At the time of the ball fight, Portuguese athlete Rafael Ramos heard the word “monkey”, Edenilson said.

The Colorado midfielder opened a police report to report the incident, and Rafael was caught inside the stadium by police on suspicion of racial violence. The São Paulo club paid a bail of R $ 10,000 and were released on bail. Check the location of Corinthians.

Rafael Ramos said it was all a misunderstanding and went to the International locker room to talk to Edenilson. The midfielder later confirmed that he had heard the word monkey. Corinthians also hired an expert, who confirmed that he had not committed any crime, but it should be noted that the report used by the Civil Police will not be the same.

Rafael Ramos came back after last Sunday’s episode, drawing 1-1 against América-MG. He started and played a full 90 minutes.

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