A diversified portfolio is the best way to take advantage of Crypto Winter

The mix of Alts, Start-ups and Staple Cryptocurrencies is more important than ever

Investors with the most information will always have a diversified portfolio to help alleviate market fluctuations and enable sustainable gains, while alleviating losses in a turbulent market. However, with the latest inflation being the highest and the Crypto Winter corner, it’s now more important than ever to have a mix of altcoins, start-up projects and major players in your wallet.

Your individual risk tolerance will determine what the distribution of assets will be, with those seeking greater returns being more divided into start-ups and alternative projects. While those at higher risk are turning to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies for their market capture, the gain is smaller but likely.

However, given the market situation, it is more important than ever not to over-expand and cover as organizations go out, protecting them from margin calls and avoiding asset liquidation. As an investor, you should welcome this winter as an opportunity to supply discounted coins, but be careful with your assets and always do your research.

How long can the winter of cryptography last?

The reverse repo market has been steadily inflated with highs in May and June. When abnormally high numbers are seen, an important indicator shows that there is no confidence in the stock market and that institutions do not trust a potential investment, but are taking a guaranteed 0.8% risk to put the funds on the market.

In addition, many mortgage-backed ETFs are falling with a nearly 10% drop in Vanguard’s mortgage-backed ETF in yesterday’s schedule. When there is no institutional confidence and the housing market is nearing collapse, the decline is a clear economic indicator.

Low average cost of the dollar

While all of this may seem unfortunate and gloomy, fear not, for retail investors this is an opportunity to reduce the average dollar cost of their investments or to enter the market at a very attractive and attractive price. As encryption grows, many DeFi and Metaverse protocols are driving the paradigm shift technology, and with the openness of Web 3.0, encryption is nowhere to be found.

It’s essential that your wallet looks a little red and green days look like gold dust, you should welcome a short-term discount to the market so you can stock up on your favorite coins and tokens. a better financial situation in the future.

How many times have you heard someone say “I wish I could have invested in Bitcoin in 2017”, take this as your choice and don’t miss it.

A unicorn to help diversify your wallet

Investing in early stage currencies and protocols and diversifying your portfolio allows you to invest in high-potential projects while reducing risk. That’s why a project like that Logarithmic Finance (LOG) it’s very interesting and can reverse the way you invest in pre-sales.

LOG, which is currently on pre-sale, is a state-of-the-art tertiary protocol through its original token, LOG, which aims to address the problem of investing in the early stages. They will do this by filling a gap in their consolidated platform, allowing them to purchase pre-IDO / ICO coins on any blockchain network, thanks to cross-chain compatibility.

LOG has other features that help unlock the world of DeF, better exchange rates, discounts with some partner currencies, and strong tokenomies to make LOG an even more attractive investment.

The LOG has a maximum supply of 4 trillion tokens, and 1.2 billion tokens are included in the pre-sale. Tokena is also a community-driven deflationary asset that allows long-term holders to make a lasting profit and vote for a burning percentage of online rewards. Finally, once alive, an entity will not manage the ecosystem, it will govern its community, to gain the trust of investors who are key to the DeFi world.

At first glance, LOG may seem like a good option to include in your wallet, but that will obviously depend on your risk tolerance. If you want to know more, you can check out the website and the white paper.

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Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

Pre-sale: https://presale.logarithmic.finance/register

Website: https://logarithmic.finance/


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