6 new Street Fighter 6 add-ons: logo, characters, new modes and more Fighting games

Street Fighter 6 was one of Capcom’s highlights in Capcom’s June State of Play show this Thursday (2). The release aims to redefine the genre of fighting games and brings new modes to Battle Hub and World Tour that allow Metro City to explore a kind of open world. The official logo, which was criticized by fans in February, also underwent changes. In addition, the game will not be exclusive to Sony and will feature PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X / versions.sScheduled for release in 2023.

Following the digital event, the official pages were updated with new information. The 22-character actor was also leaked to the networks with returning and unreleased fighters including Ken, Juri, Cammy, Guile, among others. In the following lines, TechTudo It brings the six main news stories of Street Fighter 6.

🎮 Street Fighter 6 gets gameplay news from State of Play

Street Fighter 6 receives a lot of news in the State of Play June 2022 – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

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When Street Fighter 6 was officially announced in February, one of the main criticisms of the fans was its logo. The main complaint was that the series was poorly characterized, as well as being reused from an Adobe image bank. Now, the new trailer features a revamped logo that, while still following the same concept as the hexagon, brings details that refer to graffiti street culture.

Most striking today is that the hexagon forms the number six in Arabic numerals, while its interior has the number six at the same time, in Roman numerals, but vertically. This new version is expected to be final, especially with public approval.

Street Fighter 6 introduces new logo during State of Play – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

Following in the footsteps of publications like Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil Village, Street Fighter 6 uses Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine. In this way, the developer now aims to make the visuals more realistic, so that sweat drops as well as muscle flexion can be accurately observed. However, the characters remain stylized and quite recognizable.

As in Metro City, the scenarios for Street Fighter 6 are also filled with reference to the Final Fight franchise, which is now integrated into the canon of the fighting series. Characters such as Poison, Andore and Damnd from the Mad Gear gang can be seen watching the fights in the background.

Capcom’s RE Engine allows Street Fighter 6 to detect drops of sweat and muscle flexibility – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

According to Capcom, Street Fighter 6 brings the main game modes that fans expect, such as Arcade, Versus and Training, but with some add-ons that aim to make it an unprecedented experience. New features include the World Tour and Battle Hub, details that are still a bit lacking.

It appears at the beginning of the World Tour trailer and allows players to explore Metro City in an immersive story mode that allows you to create your own custom avatar. Battle Hub is a space for online games, but Capcom ensures that it goes beyond that with new and unique ways of engaging and communicating.

Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode will be the story of a new fighting game – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

Each Street Fighter revolves around a different combat system, and this time the mechanics are driven by the so-called Drive System. This system includes five different techniques to improve the attack and defense of players, all using a bar that must be handled sensibly in combat. See below:

  • Drive Impact: a charge capable of absorbing blows to open the opponent’s guard;
  • drive parry: a motion capable of stopping shocks to regenerate the Drive meter;
  • Overdrive Art: similar to the Ex moves of previous games, which are capable of improving specials;
  • driving dam: a possible charge after a Drive Parry or a cancel button to secure penalties or extend combinations;
  • Reverse disk: Useful counterattack for pressure relief.

Jamie is one of the confirmed newcomers to Street Fighter 6 – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

In Street Fighter 6, Capcom is committed to a more attractive control system for beginner players. You can choose the modern design of the controls, which adds a single button for special movements, which vary depending on which key is pressed. The idea is, with this, that fighters can apply their strongest and most elegant blows by pressing a few buttons.

Veteran players still have classic controls, with six dedicated buttons for blows, including more complex moves like the half moon. These modes are optional and are at the discretion of the players, depending on how comfortable they are with fighting games.

Street Fighter 6 brings more realistic images to the trailer with Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li and Jamie – Photo: Disclosure / Capcom

So far, Capcom has only officially revealed four characters: Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke and Jamie’s newcomer. However, the trailer for the show featured a brief glimpse of a character named Kimberly, as well as an alleged pink-haired boxer on one of the Metro City posters.

Within hours of State of Play, however, concept images of 22 Street Fighter 6 actors were reportedly appearing. The source of the leak is unknown, but the design of the characters is in line with that presented by Capcom. The appearance of Kimberly and the alleged boxer, Marisa, who brings a lot of credibility to the list, can also be verified.

See the filtering below in list order:

The alleged leak reveals the names and images of 22 characters from Street Fighter 6 – Photo: Playback / Sigmaah1 (Twitter)

  • Ryu;
  • Ken;
  • Zangief;
  • Dhalsim;
  • E. Honda;
  • empty;
  • Guile;
  • Chun-Li;
  • Cammy;
  • Dee Jay;
  • Rashid;
  • Jury;
  • Ed;
  • Akuma (Gouki);
  • Lukas;
  • Mariza (or Marisa);
  • Jamie;
  • Mimi;
  • Riri (or Lilly);
  • JP;
  • Kimberly;
  • AKI

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